Why You Need to Stop Underestimating Your Pinned Tweet

Learn why a pinned tweet is important for your Twitter profile and how to create one that aligns with your brand and message.

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Learn why a pinned tweet is important for your Twitter profile and how to create one that aligns with your brand and message.
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Why You Need to Stop Underestimating Your Pinned Tweet
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When you check out someone else’s Twitter profile, what do you do?
You check their picture. You read their bio. 
And then, you scroll down.
What’s there?
The pinned tweet
The pinned tweet is the one that every potential follower is guaranteed to see.
It’s also an integral part of your follower funnel.
You need to make it a good one!
In today’s post, we’ll cover what makes a great pinned tweet and give you 8 examples to get inspired.

Why Pinned Tweets are Important

The pinned tweet is the most overrated part of the Twitter profile. Most creators don't have one, or if they do, it serves no purpose.
Pinned tweets can be more than just random tweets with a few likes. You can use them as:
  • Proof of work for what you can do
  • Credibility for you and your content
  • An introduction to your personal story
Pinning tweets that reinforce your message strengthens your Twitter brand.
You can also use it to promote whatever you are selling. Let's say your product just launched on Product Hunt. As more people will visit your profile, it would be a good idea to pin your PH launch as a tweet.

Examples of Effective Pinned Tweets

Pinned tweets can take many forms. To simplify things, we have divided them into different categories:

Introduction Pinned tweets

These tweets introduce you and what you do. Kind of a “trailer” for your Twitter profile.
→ Arvid Khal
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With his pinned tweet, Arvid introduces himself and his work. The video adds an extra layer of trust and personality.

Credibility Pinned tweets

The purpose of these tweets is to increase your credibility on a particular subject.
Kieran Drew + Writing
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Writing is one of the pillars of Kieran's creator business, so it makes sense his pinned tweet is a (viral) tweet about writing.
He does this to show people he knows what he's talking about and that others appreciate his content.
Clint Murphy + Habits
notion image
Clint simplifies psychology, success and money by sharing advice from millionaires, expert authors, and his life. This pinned thread works because A) It has a ton of likes and RTs, and B) It’s a great example of the type of content you can expect from him.
→ Jay Alto + Youtube
notion image
Jay only talks about YouTube. It is no surprise that his pinned tweet is a strong opinion about Youtube (with a ton of likes to back it up).

Promotional pinned tweets

→ Danny Postma + Meme Generator
notion image
In his pinned tweet, Danny promotes his new product. It’s a perfect use of space since it sums up what it is about and pushes people to the link.

Statement Pinned tweets

These are tweets that express a strong opinion. This is a great way to show your personality and let people know what to expect when they follow you.
Shaan Puri
notion image
Shaan's pinned tweet contains semi-controversial beliefs. It shows personality and portrays a message of “here’s what you’ll get when you click the follow button”.

Combined pinned tweets

While there are many other types of pinned tweets, these are among the most effective. Here are a few combinations we suggest if you still don't know what to pin:
→ Statement + Promotional
notion image
Dan Koe shares his thoughts on the lack of purpose. This is a strong positioning around a subject. He also takes advantage of the opportunity to link to his work.
→ Introduction + Credibility
notion image
George mixes two styles that work very well together. On one side, he gives us a glimpse into his past (my first client), and on the other, he talks about how he made tons of money from that client, which adds credibility to what he talks about.

How to Pin a Tweet

By now you should be convinced that having a pinned tweet is a must. But just in case, if you don't know how to pin a tweet, here's how:
  1. Find the tweet you want to pin and click on the three dots in the top right corner of the tweet.
  1. From the dropdown menu, select "Pin to your profile"
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  1. A pop-up message will appear asking you to confirm that you want to pin the tweet. Click "Pin" to confirm.
  1. The tweet will now be pinned to the top of your profile, and it will stay there until you unpin it or replace it with a new pinned tweet.
Done! You are now ready to pin your first tweet.

Your pinned tweet is more than just a tweet

Pinned tweets are so underrated.
Using them, you can increase visibility for your projects, establish your brand, and convey your message more effectively. You now have one more weapon to convince others to join your followers.
As we said above, this is the one tweet anyone visiting your profile is guaranteed to see. Make it count!

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