“X”: All About the Twitter Rebranding

Twitter rebranded to X. Discover the reasons behind this logo change.

“X”: All About the Twitter Rebranding
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Twitter's farewell: Elon Musk's plans to rebrand Twitter into X leave users intrigued. Discover the reasons behind this logo change.
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“X”: All About the Twitter Rebranding
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“And soon we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds”
Elon Musk tweeted this a couple of days ago, unveiling his plans to rebrand Twitter into X, which has caused a lot of stirs and reactions online.
The sun has set on the “Twitter” brand. Only hours after tweeting about changing the logo design, Elon Musk managed to go through with the promise of rebranding Twitter to X.
Needless to say, the platform has been a buzz of activity, especially since users woke up on the morning of 24th July 2023 to see a black and white X as the new logo instead of the bluebird.
The minimalist X logo, sourced from a user on the platform, has left Twitter users reeling. Why the sudden change? What does it mean for them? What will tweets be called?
Let’s take a deeper look into this new development if it will change anything for you, and what it might mean for Twitter’s future.
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X is Here

Elon Musk’s tweet indicated that X.com now redirects to Twitter.com. He also said an interim logo will go live on 23rd July. Over several hours, he started tweeting about Twitter's rebrand to X, stating, “Soon we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds.”
He also dropped into users’ tweets, posting replies like “Deus X,” hinting at the rebrand. Elon Musk later made an appearance at a Twitter Spaces session where he confirmed that he would be changing the logo on the 24th.
The new logo was offered by a Twitter user Sawyer Merritt, and Musk responded by stating he was going for a minimalist art deco look, but he would make changes later to refine the logo. The logo was also shared by Linda Yaccarino, along with a tweet that stated, “X is here! Let’s do this.”
The logo is now displayed as Musk’s profile picture and can be seen next to the blue checkmark on his profile.
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The History and Significance of “X”

Twitter’s rebrand as X might have surprised Twitter users, but the letter “X” has been a large part of Musk’s life and career. Musk started X.com, which he later sold to PayPal. The letter is also used in his SpaceX company, in the name of the Tesla SUV, in his child’s name, and in X.Ai. Musk bought back the X.com domain from PayPal in 2017, and it’s back in the forefront now.
“Buying Twitter is an accelerant to creating X, the everything app,” Musk tweeted in October 2022 before closing his $44 billion Twitter deal. The plan was already in the works even before he purchased Twitter.
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Why Did Musk Rebrand Twitter?

The last few months haven’t been easy for Twitter or Elon Musk. As Musk tweeted earlier this month, Twitter has lost a significant portion of its ad revenue and has been facing a negative cash flow.
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Linda Yaccarino took over as Twitter’s CEO, but Musk remains the chief technology officer and executive chairman. Many companies have pulled their ads from Twitter since Musk took over. Another problem came to the surface in the form of Instagram’s Threads, the latest social media platform that reached 100 million users in just five days.
One possibility of the rebrand right now is that Musk might want to regain the limelight and steer people away from the comparisons with Threads. Additionally, X aspires to be much more than just a text-based app. Linda Yaccarino wrote earlier that their vision for X was to be the “Everything” app.

What do we call Tweets after Twitter changes to X

If Twitter is called X, what do we call tweets?
As usual, lots of users have hopped on the trend to give a suitable name to what tweets will be replaced with. While some creators have clearly shown their interest in not adapting to the change, we’ll have to adopt a word to replace tweets sooner than later.
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Here are a few responses Twitter users have come up with either as sarcasm or in disgust for the change in the name of the company.
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Users might find it hard to get used to whatever name will be settled for.

What is X and How Will it Be Different?

For now, X is nothing more than a rebrand, but Musk has grand plans for this platform in the future. Yaccarino’s tweet suggested that X will be a global marketplace for opportunities, goods, ideas, and services. AI will power it and will offer unlimited interactivity in ways we haven’t imagined yet.
Musk recently launched xAI, an artificial intelligence company to develop an AI program to compete with ChatGPT and other current offerings. This brings him one step closer to his vision of X.
WeChat is perhaps the best example of what Musk really means by an “everything app.” WeChat is incredibly popular in China and is used as a messaging and sharing platform and a tool for booking reservations, purchasing products, payment processing, and much more.
If Musk’s vision comes true, X will be the first platform of this kind outside of China and will likely successfully attract a record number of new users.
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Ten Features That Might Change with X

If you’re a creator, you must know some new changes that might come up with Twitter’s recent change to X and prepare to leverage it.
Here are a few changes that might occur:

1. X.com will be the new domain name

Currently, X.com redirects to Twitter. The bird logo has been discarded, so you might need to change the logo display in your websites.
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2. The word followers might be changed to viewers

Elon Musk has tweeted many things over the past few days and actively interacted with posts talking about X, one of which is a debate on what to call followers.
Musk has been trying to move Twitter from being just a text-based app to implementing video content and prioritizing the algorithm for videos.
While it doesn’t seem so feasible to change followers to viewers, you never can tell what Musk will be up to.
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3. Creator payments

You will get paid for profile visits. You don’t need up to 5 million impressions monthly to get paid, and you don’t need to have a subscriptions button to get paid.
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4. Ad revenue sharing will be available in over 100 countries

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4. Changes in Bookmark

Over time, people have complained that Bookmarking is overwhelming to sort; you will be able to Bookmark from a timeline, there will be a bookmark search functionality, and also you will be sent weekly emails of your bookmarks.

5. Twitter will display a shadow ban on users' accounts.

Elon Musk confirmed in an interview that Twitter, now X, will display the shadowban, the reason for shadow-banning, and potential solutions to get out of Twitter jail

6. Reporting Scams

Before Elon took over, the rise of scam bots became annoyingly uncomfortable and increased when he came on board with Twitter feeds filled with these bots and in the Dm.
Reporting scam accounts has been a tedious and annoying process, but that might be changed soon as Elon mentioned implementing an easier way.
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7. Financial system

Now that Twitter has become X, his goal to build an Everything app will soon be actualized. By modeling WeChat, Elon plans to make Twitter half of the global financial system. His end goal will be to achieve a minimum level of fraud, real-time monitoring, and smooth integration.

8. Highlights

Although the Highlight feature is already in place, few people use it. Twitter's designer randomly talked about her dislike for the feature, and changes might likely follow this.

9. Other possible features

We will be experiencing lots of feature changes soon, and while we do not fully know the direction Elon is taking Twitter, here are a few features that might come up based on his goal for the Everything App; a dating platform, an e-commerce platform, integration with food ordering app, a new focus on audio and video content, and a UPI-like payment banking system.

Will X become a problem for Twitter?

The rebrand has already begun at Twitter headquarters, where the company projected the logo on the building and reportedly renamed conference rooms to words including X.
The speculations from analysts suggest that this is a risky move seeing that Twitter is a competitive brand suffering financially after advertisers withheld spending when Elon took over and because Twitter now has a visible competition in the text-to-text based space, threads by Mark Zuckerberg.
“By changing Twitter’s app name, Elon Musk will have single-handedly wiped out over 15 years of a brand name that has secured its place in our cultural lexicon,” said Mike Proulx, research director at the analysis firm Forrester.
While all this is happening, Twitter - now X - team, has a lot of work to do to ensure they deliver an astounding app for users and creators.

What Does This Mean for You as a User?

The outrage amongst Twitter users at this sudden rebrand to X is significant. Not knowing what this change means has made many users nervous. So what does it really mean for Twitter content creators?
Other than the new X logo, not much has changed on Twitter. Your experience on the platform, Twitter features, engagement, and everything else is as it was. It also seems likely that the core features will remain more or less the same.
As X is developed further and new features are rolled out, the future for Twitter/X users is exciting. Tweet Hunter was here to support your journey on Twitter, and it will continue to help you navigate this change to X. Sign up today to make the most of this platform and to see how our suite of features can help you grow your Twitter/X account and monetize it!

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