9 Type Of Tweets To Get More Twitter Followers

A look at the 9 most popular types of tweets on Twitter (with real-life examples)

9 Type Of Tweets To Get More Twitter Followers
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A look at the 9 most popular types of tweets on Twitter (with real-life examples)
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9 Type Of Tweets To Get More Twitter Followers
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Certain “tweet types” are common among the most successful creators on Twitter.
Each of these types offers its own approach to attracting followers and boosting your personal brand on the platform. Knowing and mastering these is a MUST if you want to grow on Twitter.
For this article, we’ve classified them into 9 different categories (with examples). Let's dive in!

#1 - Teach Tweets

Twitter is a great platform to share your expertise on a particular topic.
The “teach” type of content (how-to’s, guides, step-by-step…) is probably the most common on Twitter. This is because, if done well, it builds authority and credibility in your niche.
If you are looking to monetize your audience by providing services, you should focus on this type of content. A great example is this “how-to” tweet from Clint Murphy 👇

#2 - Entertainment Tweets

Entertainment is probably the #1 reason people log into Twitter, whether they know it or not.
There are many ways to entertain: you can mix it with your topic and have like a mix of teaching or entertaining, or you can just focus on making interesting content that your audience would love to read and deep dive into, like this thread 👇
Another way of entertainment that’s very popular on Twitter is memes. They are light, fun, and easy to produce.

#3 - Inspirational Tweets

Inspirational content creates an emotional connection with the audience. It also has a high virality potential, as people are more willing to share content that resonates on an emotional level.
And, even if it sounds crazy, it has the potential to impact people’s lives positively. You can inspire your audience to overcome challenges and pursue their goals like Dan does here 👇

#4 - Engagement Tweets

There are certain types of tweets that are more likely to generate engagement than others. They are very useful for growing an audience quickly. Some examples:
→ Questions
Asking a question to your audience is a great way to 1) get insights directly from them and 2) generate engagement so your tweet gets boosted
Some tips: don’t ask open-ended questions. Ask people to reply in one word or one sentence so it’s even easier for them to do so.
AutoDM types of tweets
Tweets crafted to generate a ton of likes and replies. They are usually used to distribute a lead magnet or a digital product.
PS: Learn more about how to properly use the Tweet Hunter’s Auto DM feature

#5 - Curation Tweets

Who said you need to create content to stand out on Twitter?
With more and more content being produced, the need for curators is also increasing. Find the signal among the noise and share it with your audience 👇

#6 - Analytical Tweets

Break down complex topics and make them more accessible to people. Or how someone did something specific. These types of posts are also very good at building credibility around a topic.
You demonstrate your expertise by analyzing what someone else did plus adding your two cents 👇

#7 - Story Tweets

Personal storytelling is the key to creating a brand that sets you apart from the competition.
Your experiences, perspectives, and unique voice are what make you stand out in today’s crowded Twitter market. By telling your personal story, you get to connect with your audience on a deeper level that not even AI can replicate.
There might be thousands of people talking about marketing. There’s only one “you” doing it. Your experiences, perspectives, and struggles make you unique and set you apart from the rest.

#8 User-Generated Content

Encourage your followers to create content related to your brand or products. This can be in the form of reviews, testimonials, or sharing their experiences. Then share that content to increase engagement and credibility 👇

#9 Behind-the-Scenes / Build in Public Tweets

Offer a glimpse into your life and the inner workings of your business. Behind-the-scenes content humanizes your brand and builds a stronger connection with your audience.
The best way to do it is to be fully transparent. You share the wins but also the losses 👇

Mixing it all together

Now that you are aware of the different types of tweets you can create, the question is: do you need them all?
And the answer is: up to you.
What we recommend is that you pick 2-3 types of content at most and make those your main thing. Then you can sprinkle others, but more occasionally. For example, you could do:
  • 50% educational content
  • 20% inspirational content
  • 20% story content
  • 5% engagement content
  • 5% user-generated content
Decide what type of content resonates with you the most and start experimenting with it.
You now know another tip to make it on Twitter. Get out there and create!

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