6 𝕏 Writing Lessons That Will Save You Hours

These simple yet super-effective writing tips will save you hours of staring at a blank page

6 𝕏 Writing Lessons That Will Save You Hours
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These simple yet super-effective writing tips will save you hours of staring at a blank page
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6 X Writing Lessons That Will Save You Hours
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We all hate the blank page.
That feeling you have to post on X today but you don’t know where to start. Minutes go by standing at that blinking cursor. Hours even. And you still have nothing.
To succeed on X, you need to make content (duh). The problem is that content creation comes at a price: your time.
If you have it, then it’s not an issue. But that’s not realistic. Most of us are not full time creators. We can’t afford to spend hours and hours just thinking about content.
After many years of writing on Twitter/X, we’ve learned a thing or two about writing on the platform. Here are our best 6 tips on how to save hours on content writing for X.

#1 - Start from the hook/headline

A strong hook gets the reader in. If you fail at that, the rest of your content won’t matter.
So our advice → Come up with a hook first, THEN write the rest of the content.
By doing that, the hook acts as a guide for your content. You’ll notice that ideas flow better than by simply staring at a blank page.
And don’t worry. If hook writing is hard for you, we’ve compiled over 40 hook templates so you can get started asap.

#2 - “Bullet” your post first

Okay, you have a strong hook. Now what?
Do a brain dump first. And do this in bullet points. Don’t pay too much attention if it doesn’t feel cohesive now.
Think about this as your post’s skeleton. You first need a structure and later you can think about the flesh and the skin.
This works best if you are writing a thread or long-form post, but it can also work for shorter posts.
The idea is to list everything you’ll cover first, then expand in more detail.

#3 - Keep a Swipe file

Spending much time searching for content ideas while staring at a blank page? Sounds familiar?
The blank page syndrome is one of the most common yet easily avoidable mistakes every creator on X makes.
Your solution is simple → keep a swipe file
Pick every tweet, thread, or hook that draws your attention and save it. Then, whenever you sit down to write, use them as inspiration
Here’s how to do it with Tweet Hunter:
  • Find inspiration using our Daily Inspiration feature, which recommends tweets to you
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  • Whenever you find something you like, bookmark it by clicking on the star button and save it to one of your collections
  • These collections are your swipe file. Visit it whenever you need inspiration
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You’ll find all these features on the left side column of the Tweet Hunter app.

#4 - Focus on solving problems → The problem database

Content that resonates is the content that solves a problem your audience is facing. This is what we like to call the pain point framework.
The best content creators are expert audience researchers. They listen to their audience, especially their questions. You’ll find these:
  • On your DMs. What question do you get asked more often?
  • On your replies. Same as above
  • On other tweets from your niche
Make a list of all those problems. Pick one, write a hook for it and then the entire post. No more blank page with this framework!

#5 - Repurpose your content

Who said your content only has one chance to shine? Content repurposing is the secret weapon of every top X creator 👇
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Some creators are against it, but here’s what you get when you do it:
  • Save time in content creation
  • Reach new audiences because they haven’t seen your old content
  • More engagement
  • Reinforce your core messages
If you want to dig deeper, here’s our guide on content repurposing.

#6 - Prioritize formatting

Content is king, but if the tweet you wrote is difficult to read, it won't matter if it's the best tweet in the world.
People won't read it.
Let's see it with an example: Assuming both posts had the same information, which would you read first?
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This is why formatting is so important when writing your posts on X. It makes your content easy to spot and read. It draws attention to it.
Take the example above. The information is the same, but its presentation is different. This can easily be achieved by using blank spaces and other elements like bullet points.
Feel free to separate your sentences while writing tweets. It may initially feel a bit counterintuitive, but it's the right way to approach content writing.

Combine them for a better effect

In case you haven’t noticed, all these tips can be combined. For example, imagine you:
  • Start with the pain point framework picking up one problem from your data base
  • Write a hook for it
  • Then “bullet” the rest of the content
  • Write the rest and format it accordingly
  • Once posted, flag it for repurposing in 3, 6 and 12 months
Not bad eh! There’s a simple but effective content strategy. Hope it helps!

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