Ilo vs Tweet Hunter

Which one is right for you?

If you are interested in growing your Twitter account, there are several tools to choose from. In this "Ilo Vs. Tweet Hunter" comparison review, we dive into the details of what both the tools offer and how they compare to each other so that you can decide which one to choose according to your needs.

Ilo Vs. Tweet Hunter - Feature Comparison

Tweet Hunter and Ilo both have some feature similarities, but also a lot of differences. Here’s a quick side-by-side comparison of the features they offer:

Feature Comparison

Which Twitter tool will accomplish what you need?

Feature Description
Tweet Hunter
Twitter Analytics
Auto DMs
Success Templates
Tweet AI Generation
Team Management
Ghostwriting Capabilities
Dynamic Banners
Best Time to Tweet
Twitter Streak
Free Plan
Multiple Accounts
Mobile App

Feature Comparison

Which Twitter tool will accomplish what you need?

Feature: Scheduling
Tweet Hunter
Feature: Auto DMs
Tweet Hunter
Feature: Success Templates
Tweet Hunter
Feature: Tweet AI Generation
Tweet Hunter
Feature: CRM
Tweet Hunter
Feature: Team Management
Tweet Hunter
Feature: Ghostwriting Capabilities
Tweet Hunter
Feature: Dynamic Banners
Tweet Hunter
Feature: Best Time to Tweet
Tweet Hunter
Feature: Unretweet
Tweet Hunter
Feature: Twitter Streak
Tweet Hunter
Feature: Free Plan
Tweet Hunter
Feature: Multiple Accounts
Tweet Hunter
Feature: Mobile App
Tweet Hunter

Ilo Vs Tweet Hunter - Comparison Overview

Content creators who want to finally invest in the right tools to amplify their growth on Twitter need to take the time to study both these tools before deciding which one is the best for them.

Here’s a brief breakdown of what these two platforms are:


Ilo is a Twitter analytics tool that helps you develop a better understanding of your audience. It helps you identify trends and identify content that receives high reach and engagement. The software also showcases statistics for each tweet in a thread.

The Reply feature on Ilo makes it easy for users to boost engagement by sending replies quickly from within the tool.


✅ Affordable plans

✅ Strong analytics features

✅ Reply feature to boost engagement


❌ No thread-making capabilities

❌ Does not support multiple accounts

❌ No mobile app

Starting Price


Tweet Hunter

Tweet Hunter is a powerful content management tool that enables you to build your Twitter audience and monetize it easily and quickly. The platform’s core features include detailed analytics features, scheduling, and automation features.


✅ Awesome AI-powered content features

✅ Next level engagement with Auto DM

✅ Helps generate leads through Twitter


❌ No mobile app

Starting Price


Ilo Vs Tweet Hunter - Pricing

There’s a huge difference in the pricing for Ilo and Tweet Hunter. Considering the differences in features between the platform, it’s easy to understand why.

Ilo Pricing

Ilo offers a free 14-day trial, after which you can opt for one of these plans.

Grow Plan ($10/month)- The Grow plan provides you with the features you need to get insights and data to grow on Twitter. The plan includes the Reply Inbox feature, analytics tools, unlimited history, writing and scheduling tools, and insights.

Pro Plan ($16.67/month)- With the Pro plan you’ll get access to every feature currently available on Ilo. Other than the features listed in the Grow plan, you’ll also have access to spaces analytics, full-thread analytics, and advanced writing tools.

Other than the two plans listed above, you can also sign up for an add-on followers plan for $7.50/month to get access to a live follower database.

Tweet Hunter Pricing

Tweet Hunter also has a free 7-day trial. After your trial, you can choose one of these plans.

Discover Plan ($36/month)- The Discover plan offers you access to some pretty cool features like unlimited accounts, access to a viral tweets library, staff-picked viral tweets, custom content inspiration, scheduling features, auto-retweet, auto-DM, auto-plug, thread delay, evergreen tweets, and more.

Grow Plan ($99/month)- If you have over 1000 followers on Twitter, you can get the Grow plan for just $36/month. This plan includes everything in the Discover plan and additional features like its suite of Twitter CRM and AI Writer features.

Enterprise Plan ($167/month)- With the Enterprise plan you’ll get access to everything in the Grow plan along with access to best-in-class AI features. You’ll be able to engage with your audience faster with AI-generated replies. Plus, you’ll also have access to a custom-trained AI model so you can generate content that meets your exact needs.  

Ilo Vs. Tweet Hunter - The Final Verdict

Although there are a few similarities between Ilo and Tweet Hunter, these are two vastly different tools. So, which one should you pick? That will depend on your specific needs.

Ilo is focused mainly on analytics, which makes it limited. So, if your goal is to ONLY understand your Twitter audience, gain a profound knowledge of how each of your tweets and threads are performing with advanced analytics, Ilo will be suitable for you.

In the other hand, Tweet Hunter will be suitable for you if you want more than just analytics. Tweet Hunter is a tool with more comprehensive capabilities and advanced features such as AI writing tools, CRM, powerful thread creation capabilities, idea generation, thread templates, and the ability to use multiple accounts as well as the capacity to share your account with other users amongst others.

Tweet Hunter has all the features
you were hoping for
(and more)

Content Creation

Searchable library of 2M+ viral tweets

Search for topics, keyword or people

Exclude keywords and people

Picked-for-you tweet inspiration - powered by AI ⚡️

Edit-and-post AI-generated tweets- powered by AI ⚡️

TweetPredict™ - predict your tweet's performance

Tweet Rewriter - powered by AI ⚡️

Thread Ideas - powered by AI ⚡️

Thread Hook Generator - powered by AI ⚡️

4K+ Staff-picked tweets across 10 categories

Create & share your own Tweet Collections

Scheduling & Automations

Schedule tweets and threads

Emojis, GIFs, image and video supported

Easy “add to queue” 1-click system

Find out your best time to tweet

Create and save drafts

Auto DM 👉 interaction-based DMs

Auto Plug 👉 reply to your best performing tweets with a link to your product/service

Evergreen Tweets 👉 randomly RT your best tweets when you’re sleeping

Thread Delay 👉 delay each tweet of your thread to avoid spamming

Hide URL previews 👉 stop links from showing the preview

Clean Profile 👉 cancel all your retweets after a few hours

Auto Retweet 👉 schedule retweets of your own tweets

Twitter CRM

NEW | Lead Finder - find new leads on Twitter - powered by AI ⚡️

Engage w/ people - reply to specific people’s tweets

Engage w/ keywords - reply to relevant tweets for your niche

Hide Retweets, Replies and Quote RTs

AI-generated replies - powered by AI ⚡️

Create lists of people - import accounts & Twitter lists

Create lists of people - based on past interactions

Add personal notes to each contact

Reply to all your mentions


Monitor key metrics

Identify top tweets that generated the most followers, engagement and reach

Daily follower growth

Detailed tweet analytics

Sort tweets by date and performance

Press ⚡️ to re-write your best tweets - powered by AI

Impressions, clicks, engagement, profile visits. It's all there.

Share your stats in public (optional)


Add as many Twitter accounts as you want at no extra cost

Ghostwriting for multiple clients from 1 Tweet Hunter account

Share a tweet preview link that redirects to Twitter when it’s published

Cancel anytime

It’s not a Twitter scheduler.
Not an analytics app.
Not a giant swipe file.
Not an AI writer.
Not an automation tool.
Not a CRM.

It’s all of that. And more.

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