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Are you spending hours on Twitter every week?

Getting unsatisfying results for your business or personal brand?

Feel like your time could be better invested into something else?


Start investing minutes instead of hours.

Build an engaged and relevant audience.

Drive sales, clients and subscribers.

Less effort. More results.

Tweet Hunter helps you
at EVERY step


Get Content


Write Faster &


Boost &


Engage & Sell To


Analyze &

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How we help you grow on Twitter

Write 100 high quality tweets in less than 1 hour

You need to consume great content to be able to create great content.

Give your brain endless inspiration: expose yourself to best-in-class tweets about your topics and use our advanced AI for automated content generation.


3M+ Viral Tweets Library

Just type in a keyword or @handle and find high-performing tweets that generate engagement and followers.

Figure out what types of tweets and threads perform best and apply what you learn to your own content.

tweet hunter ai

AI-powered Writing

Get daily personalized tweet suggestions, re-write tweets you like, get tweet & thread ideas.

New: TweetPredict™ 👉 Predict your tweet's performance before it's published


4K+ staff-picked tweets

We work with the best ghostwriters to curate the top tweets across 10+ topics and niches. Find ideas and formats that overperform.

Tactic example

Schedule a month’s worth of tweets in one sitting.


Find inspiration

We analyze your account and find tweets for you to take inspiration from. Don’t even lift a finger. You can also search through 2 million viral tweets or let AI do its thing.


Add your own twist

Add an original thought, change the wording or format, or even use AI to give it another spin.


Schedule and repeat.

It’s easy. Just do that for 30min and you’ll be done writing this month’s tweets.

Save 100s of hours with scheduling & automations

Stop spending time and energy into stuff anyone could do. And start putting your energy into high-value tasks and growing your business.

Tweet Hunter’s scheduling and automation features allow you to save hours every week, make sure you’re always visible, and boost the ROI of every tweet you publish.


Schedule Tweets & Threads

Set your tweets and threads to be posted when you want them to. Schedule your content weeks in advance. And enjoy our easy "add to queue" system.


Auto DM

Send DMs to people when they interact with your tweets. The perfect way to distribute your free resources without 400 copy/pastes.


Retweets, Evergreen, Auto Plug and so much more...

Enjoy tens of automations that save you time and increase your tweets’ performance.

Tactic example

Boost your tweets’ reach and results with automation


Do a “freebie” tweet

Have a free resource to give away? Write a tweet and ask people to engage with it to get their freebie in a DM.


Enable Auto DM

Forget copy paste. Automatically send a custom DM with the link to every person who requests your free resource.


Get subscribers, sales and more

Congratulations! You just increased your tweet reach, your audience size and your sales pipe.

Turn Twitter into a sales machine with our CRM

Get more sales, clients and subscribers from Twitter.

Identify high-quality leads, get all their data, and start building relationships that lead to more opportunities and business results.

Twitter for people who do business on Twitter.


NEW - Lead Finder

Use AI to find new leads on Twitter. Add a few client or prospects and let our technology find similar Twitter accounts.


Create lists of People

Import and organize people into lists, based on past interactions or a manual selection. Identify leads and reach out to them in 1 click.



Get rid of everything that makes the Twitter feed and notification system painful. Find tweets to engage with, reply to your mentions, and build relationships with specific people.

Tactic example

Find more clients on Twitter with our CRM features


Find a relevant tweet

Your competitor’s latest tweet, or one that you think would interest your target audience.

Or one of your own tweets if you want!

tweet hunter twitter crm

Extract user data

Import all the people who liked and interacted with that Tweet to Tweet Hunter. Filter and sort however you like.


Engage & reach out

Easily view and reply to all their latest tweets. Make yourself known, nurture the relationship and close sales.

Stop the guesswork.
Analytics is here.

Start knowing instead of guessing. Our advanced Twitter analytics dashboard gives you all the information you need to understand your performance and keep growing you audience.


Key Metrics & Top Tweets

In a blink of an eye, see your main KPIs and find out which tweets got you the most followers, engagement and reach.


Daily Follower Growth

Monitor how your audience growth with your daily follower increase. It’s always nice to see these spikes!


Detailed Tweet Analytics

Dive into detailed statistics for every single one of your tweets: likes, retweets, replies, profile visits and more. Find out what’s really working.

Tactic example

Use analytics to get more profile visits


Get your detailed stats

Select a wide date range and display detailed stats for all your past tweets.


Sort by most profile visits

Just click on the “profile visits” column, and you’re done.


Let AI take over.

Click your robot friend’s face and let it do the work of re-writing that top performing tweet for you.

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All the features you were hoping  for
(and more)

Content Creation

Searchable library of 2M+ viral tweets

Search for topics, keyword or people

Exclude keywords and people

Picked-for-you tweet inspiration - powered by AI ⚡️

Edit-and-post AI-generated tweets- powered by AI ⚡️

Tweet Rewriter - powered by AI ⚡️

Thread Ideas - powered by AI ⚡️

Thread Hook Generator - powered by AI ⚡️

4K+ Staff-picked tweets across 10 categories

Create & share your own Tweet Collections

Scheduling & Automations

Schedule tweets and threads

Emojis, GIFs, image and video supported

Easy “add to queue” 1-click system

Find out your best time to tweet

Create and save drafts

Auto DM 👉 interaction-based DMs

Auto Plug 👉 reply to your best performing tweets with a link to your product/service

Evergreen Tweets 👉 randomly RT your best tweets when you’re sleeping

Thread Delay 👉 delay each tweet of your thread to avoid spamming

Hide URL previews 👉 stop links from showing the preview

Clean Profile 👉 cancel all your retweets after a few hours

Auto Retweet 👉 schedule retweets of your own tweets

Twitter CRM

NEW | Lead Finder - find new leads on Twitter - powered by AI ⚡️

Engage w/ people - reply to specific people’s tweets

Engage w/ keywords - reply to relevant tweets for your niche

Hide Retweets, Replies and Quote RTs

AI-generated replies - powered by AI ⚡️

Create lists of people - import accounts & Twitter lists

Create lists of people - based on past interactions

Add personal notes to each contact

Reply to all your mentions


Monitor key metrics

Identify top tweets that generated the most followers, engagement and reach

Daily follower growth

Detailed tweet analytics

Sort tweets by date and performance

Press ⚡️ to re-write your best tweets - powered by AI

Impressions, clicks, engagement, profile visits. It's all there.

Share your stats in public (optional)


Add as many Twitter accounts as you want at no extra cost

Ghostwriting for multiple clients from 1 Tweet Hunter account

Share a tweet preview link that redirects to Twitter when it’s published

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It’s not a Twitter scheduler.
Not an analytics app.
Not a giant swipe file.
Not an AI writer.
Not an automation tool.
Not a CRM.

It’s all of that. And more.

What 1534+ Tweet Hunter users are saying

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What is Tweet Hunter?

Tweet Hunter is an all-in-one Twitter growth tool, designed to help you grow and monetize your Twitter audience. Our goal is to make is as easy as possible for you to create high-performing content, build an audience around your topics of expertise, monetize and attract opportunities.

Who is Tweet Hunter for?

Tweet Hunter is for every person and brand looking to build a Twitter following and generate more sales, subscribers, clients (or any business goal) through Twitter. When we created Tweet Hunter, all of us had different audience sizes (from 100 followers to 50K). Which is why Tweet Hunter is great to start a Twitter account from scratch or to keep growing an already established one with tens of thousands of followers.

How can Tweet Hunter help me grow my audience on Twitter?

Tweet Hunter helps you at every stage of growing a Twitter account. Whether it’s to create more and better tweets and threads, increase their reach, improve the business ROI they drive, or even engage with other people. We have developed an advanced, Twitter-dedicated AI engine as well as custom features that exist nowhere else in the market. And we keep adding more value in the product every single week.

How much does it cost to use Tweet Hunter?

All our plans include a free 7-day trial as well as a 30-day refund policy, no questions asked. That effectively means you can use Tweet Hunter for up to 37 days and still ask for a refund if you change your mind.

The plans start at $49/mo. That includes every single feature we have except for those involving AI-writing. These can be found at the superior plan that costs $99/mo, but we run significant discounts depending on your follower size. Check it out by clicking on any “Try it free” button.

What if I don’t like it?

That’s fine, it happens. If you don’t like it, you can very easily cancel at any point in time straight from the app, or just send us an email. You can also ask for a refund which we’ll happily provide for up to 30 days after your payment.

I don’t get it. Are you recommending I copy other people’s tweets?

No. Definitely not. Not only is this something you shouldn't do, it also won't work. Perhaps in the short term you'll get a little bit more engagement, but you are bound to be called out for it at some point and lose credibility. It also goes against Twitter's Policy to be purposefully creating identical or near-identical content repeatedly.

What we believe is it’s perfectly fine and an effective process to consume amazing content that helps you come up with your own authentic ideas and content. It’s what everyone does, in just about every field and line of work. Artists learn and get inspiration from artists before them. So do athletes. Scientists. Designers. And so does everyone on Twitter.

What’s not OK is to take people’s content and claim it as your own.

How does scheduling and automation help me build a Twitter audience?

Here’s the common scenario: you start out super motivated and spend hours on Twitter every single day, tweeting, replying, sending DMs, etc. And after a couple weeks, you don’t see the results you were hoping for, lose your motivation, and quit. Does that sound familiar? It happened to us as well.

The truth is Twitter isn’t a short-term effort that pays off immediately. It takes commitment, consistency, and a great deal of effort to make it. We make it as easy and effortless as it possbile with inspiration features, scheduling and automation.

Inspiration and scheduling allow you to make sure you have content ahead of time and ready to be published so you don’t feel the daily pressure of having to log on to Twitter and get a great tweet idea right away. It also allows you to enjoy a well deserved break from social media whenever you’re on vacation.

Automation allows you to not waste time with low-value tasks such as sending DMs to people who reply to your tweets, or retweeting yourself in the middle of the night so those folks in Tokyo can see your Twitter content.

You get the idea. It’s about making Twitter quicker, less energy-draining, and overall more effective than it currentl is for you and your business.

Is this safe to use?

We hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to developing features that respect Twitter's Policy and Terms of Use.

However, if you use Tweet Hunter to circumvent Twitter's Terms of Use, you are putting your account at risk. We have developed many safeguards to keep your account safe, but please note that any behavior that can be associated to spam is against Twitter's Terms of Service. That includes things like repeatedly copy/pasting content written by other people, sending mass amounts of direct messages to people who haven't agreed to it, or posting copy/pasted replies at scale.

But of course those are also tactics that only work in the short term on Twitter. "Hacks", if you will. We strongly encourage you to be part of the smart people out there who know that Twitter growth is driven by effort and consistency more than hacks and short-term tactics.

I want to get more Twitter followers, what should I do?

At Tweet Hunter we believe in consistency and effort. Every "overnight success" is largely due to weeks, months and sometimes years of investment. Growth in followers won’t be linear, even people with 100K+ followers sometimes get less than 10 in a day. Growth is made of bursts and peaks, and these don’t happen if you’re not there.

Which is why we talk a lot about consistency.

The more consistent you are, the more opportunities for growth you have. People will call it luck or talent, it’s not.

Once you have that mindset, there are a few basic things to know about follower growth:

  • It’s better to only have one (max 2) topics you talk about.

  • Tweets, replies and DMs that hold value drive a lot more followers and sales.

  • Even if you’re a brand, it’s good to sound like a real person on Twitter, not a sales rep or marketing exec.

  • Daily presence is strongly recommended, at least Monday through Friday.

  • Relationships > Followers -> aim for relationships and get more followers and more sales. That means DMs and engaging with people are just as important as tweeting.

These are some quite common advices that we believe to be true. But there also a lot more to learn in Tweet Hunter University, a 25+ page guide available to you for free upon signing up.

Things you should avoid doing to get more followers include anything that might lead to a low quality audience: purchasing followers on dodgy websites, running giveaways 5 times a day, and other similar tactics. The end goal isn't followers, it's to build an audience that will attract new opportunities for you.

I feel I’m not ready for Twitter yet. What should I do?

We believe Twitter is very much like SEO when it comes to delivering results. It’s not a short term game and more likely something that pays off after a few weeks or months of effort.

Which means that the longer you delay starting, the longer you delay results. There is no way to catch up on the time you lost. So if you do consider Twitter to be an important channel, we suggest you start even if you don’t feel ready. Better to take it slow but to set the pieces moving and learn, than to remain static and lose months of growth and progress.

If you’re convinced that Twitter is a minor sales or acquisition channel for you or your brand, know that we have seen first hand so many types of businesses flourish on Twitter. People on Twitter are very engaged and passionate, and with over 350M users, there are customers there waiting for you.

Still, it's true, Twitter isn't for everyone. If you don't feel the urge for results, and if you're OK delaying those by a few months, it's alright to postpone!

Who is behind Tweet Hunter?

We are Thibault and Thomas. 2 makers passionate about helping other people grow their audience and better distribute their projects. We are also the founders of Pony Express, a startup studio specializing in growth problems faced by creators and makers.

We were then joined by JK Molina, Twitter's top ghostwriter and copywriter. He helps us regularly on improving the product and explaining it to our users.

And we’ve also welcomed Pranav to the team, an experienced web developer who’s helping us develop more features.

It's worth noting we are not affiliated with Twitter in any way, just in case you were wondering about that.

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