Tweet Like a Pro: Craft 100 Quality Tweets in Under an Hour

Writing tweets can be a hassle. Especially high-performing tweets that get you more followers and engagement. Let's explore how you can supercharge your tweet-writing abilities.

Tweet Like a Pro: Craft 100 Quality Tweets in Under an Hour
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Writing tweets can be a hassle. Especially high-performing tweets that get you more followers and engagement. Let's explore how you can supercharge your tweet-writing abilities.
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Tweet Like a Pro: Craft 100 Quality Tweets in Under an Hour
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You’re probably wondering how they do it.
How do all these great Twitter accounts manage to write so many awesome tweets every single day?
And you may have come to the conclusion that you’re not capable of being just as good as them.
But you are.
It’s all a matter of methodology, and this guide is here to explain how you can become a Tweet machine, writing great tweets in just a few seconds.
So let’s dive in!

The importance of inspiration

The previous chapter aims to give you the keys to creating great content by yourself. These techniques will help you create but won’t replace the fact that you need inspiration if you are going to tweet. Ideas remain the backbone of great content, and getting them comes down to feeling inspired.
For most people, inspiration just pops up without any explanation. Maybe you’re singing under the shower, walking in the street, or reading this guide, and suddenly you get this great tweet idea. Maybe you get a few more afterward.
But whenever inspiration isn’t there, you remain by yourself, and writing great tweets (or any content for that matter) becomes a whole lot more difficult.
This is fine for most types of writing. You can just pick up writing whenever inspiration comes back. But it’s definitely not OK for social media, and it’s even worse for Twitter.

Follow-rate vs. Engagement

We have talked extensively about creating highly engaging content. But driving engagement isn’t exactly the same as getting followers. Your current followers may like or reply your tweets, but if right now your main focus is to build an audience, that won’t be enough.
What you want to focus on is how to get new followers with your content.
Cognitive biases can help with that (particularly confirmation bias). Another thing you can do is provide extra value to people who retweet you (giveaways, priority access to stuff you make).
However, remember that people who end up following you will often scroll through your profile first. In addition to a good bio and pretty banner, what people want to see there are a lot of great tweets, published regularly.
Would you rather follow someone who tweets great stuff every couple of weeks? Or someone who publishes amazing tweets multiple times a day? Most people will opt for the second option. This is why Twitter’s algorithm also favors people who tweet a lot (5 times per day is a minimum) of highly engaging content.
So we’re back to the inspiration problem.
How can you provoke inspiration instead of just waiting for it to come up?

Boosting your productivity on Twitter

People often think of inspiration as something that just “strikes” you. As if for a few seconds or minutes they were able to come up with amazing and unique ideas. Truth is, there are almost no unique and original ideas. Inspiration is mainly influenced by others.
All art, creation, or even science takes inspiration from pre-existing work. Not even the greatest people you know would be anywhere if they didn’t look at what other people did right and try to reproduce or improve it.
The best way to feel inspired is quite simply by taking inspiration from what other people are doing right. Being exposed to great content will give you ideas for your own tweets.
What we highly recommend to start writing a whole lot more quality tweets in less time is to try and figure out what the best people in your niche are tweeting about.
Here at Tweet Hunter, we like to think of ourselves as makers who built a product FOR makers & creators. This means we should probably take inspiration from people who are writing tweets that appeal to makers like us. People like @heyblake, @levelsio, @arvidkahl, and more.
How we do this is not by just copy/pasting the content and publishing it like it’s our own. This might work as a short-term strategy, but you will end up being called out for it and lose credibility.
Instead, what we do is take the essence of a tweet (what it’s about, why it’s interesting, why it worked), and apply it to a different topic or format.
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Let’s make this even more concrete by showing you a couple of examples of how we actually do this for our own accounts.
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So as you can see, the methodology isn’t very complicated. But becoming really good at it is how you go from writing a couple of good tweets to 100.

How copywriters write 100s of tweets every day

Becoming a Twitter thought leader in your niche requires you to publish at least 5x a day (10x a day is a lot better).
That’s between 35 and 70 tweets per week. Or 140-280 per month. A bare minimum of 1700 tweets per year.
You can’t do that without processing these steps and being very organized. Fortunately, there are people who know how to do that: professional Twitter copywriters.
Yes, it’s a real job.
And quite a well-paying job if you manage to do it right. We talked with a lot of them as we built Tweet Hunter and this guide. Here’s how they do it.
It all comes down to building “swipe files”, a very common practice amongst copywriters.
A swipe file is where a copywriter saves all the best content he finds so it helps him/her come up with great content. Just one look at a tweet swipe file, and a copywriter can easily start writing great tweets one after the other.
But building a great swipe file isn’t that easy. First of all, most copywriters rely on gut feeling when they select tweets, which is fine when you are already an expert, but not very scientific. Second of all, it can take months to build a great swipe file: you need to identify the right people to follow, regularly scroll your Twitter feed, and slowly save all the tweets you like either to your Twitter bookmarks or somewhere else.
This is where Tweet Hunter steps in.
With it, you can create swipe files for just about any topic, and you will only find tweets with proven high engagement. Take out the guesswork of figuring out whether a tweet is good or bad, and build a swipe file in minutes instead of weeks.

Write better tweets 10x faster

When we built this tool, we wanted to allow anyone to build a Twitter audience by making it much less complicated to come up with great content. As with many things, starting to tweet is very easy. What’s hard is to keep going and not quit just because you didn’t get viral after a week. Tweet Hunter isn’t magic. It won’t do all the work for you. But it will boost your tweet copywriting abilities as no other tool can. If you’re a new user or interested in becoming one, here’s the process we recommend you follow.
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Publishing strategy & Scheduling

Applying this process will without a doubt end up with a whole lot of great tweets that are ready to be published. But you shouldn’t start randomly publishing your tweets at any given time without thinking about the order in which you publish them. It would be so sad to tweet all this great stuff and watch it go to waste because you didn’t think things through. First of all, what you need is a healthy variety of tweets. You want to show your audience you are as interesting as you are funny, as successful as you are vulnerable, and as concerned about them as you are about yourself. Then, you need to spread out your tweets so you don’t publish 5 memes in 1 day and talk about how vulnerable you are in the next 5. Here’s an example of how you can divide up your weekly content.
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Which brings us to using a tweet scheduler. If you’re serious about building an audience, it’s likely you’ll need to start scheduling your tweets.
Some people don’t like using a tweet scheduler, but the reality is Twitter is no longer a place where you can just publish a tweet every now and then and expect some serious growth.
And when you start tweeting on a daily basis, scheduling helps you be on Twitter and focus on other parts of your life and business.
We recommend using a scheduler that has (at least) the following features:
  • Tweet and thread support
  • Queue system (add tweets to your publishing queue in 1 click)
  • Ability to reorganize your tweet schedule if you want to change your planning
Yes, our tool does offer those, as well as a few other features like telling you what’s the best time to post on Twitter for your followers, or a few automation that help you get the most out of your content.
We believe you’ll find no better tool to fulfill all your Twitter growth needs, and you can start with a 7-day free trial to make sure of it.

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