7 Most Common Twitter Questions

We reply to the 7 most asked Twitter questions.

7 Most Common Twitter Questions
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We reply to the 7 most asked Twitter questions.
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7 Most Common Twitter Questions
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We’ve been doing this Twitter thing for a while now. And while the platform and Tweet Hunter are constantly changing, the questions we get asked don’t.
From setting up your profile to growing your audience, we’ve made a roundup of the 7 most common Twitter questions we get, and we are going to answer them all.
So grab a cup of coffee (or whatever you are drinking) and let's get started!

#1 - What should I tweet about?

And the answer is: it depends.
Are you using Twitter for personal or professional purposes?
Are you trying to promote your business, share your thoughts on a particular topic, or connect with like-minded individuals?
Your response to these questions will serve as the starting point for your content.
Regardless of your goals, the key to tweeting successfully is to provide value to your audience. This means sharing content that is informative, entertaining, or inspiring.
To help you get started, here are 20 tweet ideas or a more in-depth guide on What to Post on Twitter.

#2 - How often should I tweet?

Twitter is a game of showing up every day.
But as important as showing up is, it’s even more important how you show up.
Posting too much can lead to an overwhelmed audience.
On the other hand, posting too little can result in a lack of visibility.
What’s the balance? Again, the answer is “It depends.”
It depends on what growth stage you are in.
You shouldn’t be posting the same when you are at 100, 1.000, or 10.000 followers.
The TL:DR: There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. But we do have some suggestions for you depending on your audience size.

#3 - What are some best practices for creating a strong Twitter profile?

The principles of building a following are:
  1. You bring traffic (people) to your profile
  1. They check your profile and click the follow button
It sounds simple, doesn't it?
The problem is that 99% of people only think about #1 and completely neglect what happens at #2.
Bringing people to your profile is pointless if the profile isn't optimized to convert them into followers.
A good basic rule → think of your Twitter profile as a digital business card.
It needs to share who you are, what you do, who you do it for, and where people can find more.
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These are the elements that you should optimize to have a good Twitter profile:
  • The profile picture
  • The bio
  • The pinned tweet
  • The header
In this article, we cover in detail how you can optimize each of them.

#4 - Who should I follow?

Most Twitter growth advice is focused on content.
What to post, how often…but not so many people talk about the other side of the Twitter growth coin: engaging with others
The problem is that engaging with other creators is very time-consuming…unless you have a system for it.
Enter Snipe Lists.
A snipe list is a private list of 10-20 key creators in your niche that you’ll follow and interact with regularly.
What you are going to do is target these creators and their followers, so you can later attract them to your profile and convert them into followers (make sure your profile is optimized for that, see point #3)
To learn exactly how to do it, take a look at our 4-step guide.

#5 - How do I get more followers?

The reality is that there’s no magic pill to Twitter growth.
Good content, the one that gets you likes and followers, takes time and effort to create.
A strong network, the one that will help your posts get more reach and engagement isn’t built in a day either.
However, that doesn’t mean you need to spend hours every creating those.
What if I told you it’s possible to grow on Twitter by just investing 35 minutes every day?
We’ve created a 35-minute growth framework that will allow you to grow on Twitter without dying trying.
This framework divides those 35 minutes more or less equally between creating content and networking, proposing very concrete actions to take at every stage.
These stages can be divided at the same time in:
  • 15 minutes for content creation
  • 10 minutes for “cold” engagement
  • 10 minutes for “warm” engagement
The details of what to do in each? Read to find out.

#6 - How do I use Twitter for networking?

DMs are the best way to build a network on Twitter. They are a great way to start conversations and build relationships.
However, most DMs get ignored.
To properly build a network through DMs, there are 2 basics you should cover:
  • Do not make it a numbers game. If you engage or DM someone, do it because you are genuinely interested in that person.
  • Run away from basic interactions. “Hi, how are you?” won’t get you any responses. Try to make each of your engagements feel unique and tailored to the person you are engaging with
That will already set you apart, but if you want to dive deep into what’s the best way to send DMs that don’t get ignored, check out this resource.

#7 - What are some common mistakes to avoid on Twitter?

If you’ve ever tried to build an audience, you know it’s not as easy as it sounds.
Many people talk about what you should do to build that audience. But not that many talks about the mistakes you are probably making that keep you from building that audience.
These are the 13 most common mistakes we’ve picked up:
  • Not picking a niche
  • Not having a converting bio
  • Not curating your feed
  • Not having an engagement plan
  • Not writing for skimmers
  • Not paying attention to your analytics
  • Not scheduling your content
  • Not using automation
  • Not recycling your content
  • Being clever, not clear
  • Not thinking about your thread’s hook
  • Not being consistent
  • Not sending DMs
Do any of these feel familiar? 😅 We wrote more about each and how to beat them here.

Now what?

Most people stop at these questions and never actually get started with their Twitter journey. Don’t let that happen to you.
We replied to each question, so now you have no excuses! Go ahead, give it your best shot, and start tweeting!

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