What to Post on Twitter? 20 Ideas to Get Started

Stop overthinking your tweets. Get a head start with these 20 tweet ideas.

What to Post on Twitter? 20 Ideas to Get Started
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Stop overthinking your tweets. Get a head start with these 20 tweet ideas.
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What to Post on Twitter? 20 Ideas to Get Started
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“What should I tweet today?”
There's a good chance you've asked yourself this question a million times.
I know I did. Twitter can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be.
From showing your expertise to engaging with your audience, you can use these X ideas to start creating for your audience and grow your presence on Twitter.
They are also great for creating what’s known as Zero-Click Tweets, and will help you leverage the Twitter algorithm to your favor.
Let’s get started!
Finding the right content for Twitter just got easier!
Turn your "What should I tweet today?" moments into engaging posts that resonate with your audience. With Tweet Hunter, you're never short on inspiration.

#1 - Share a personal story

Everybody has unique stories to tell.
You shouldn't be afraid to share them, whether it's funny, something you learned, or a part of your journey.
These types of tweets generate trust and connection with your audience.
The process will likely lead to a few conversations and perhaps even new connections.

#2 - Share a milestone

Let people know you've reached a significant milestone.
Some people celebrate reaching a certain number of followers, or making a certain amount of revenue, or finishing a certain number of books…Whatever it is, share it with Twitter.

#3 - Share something you are struggling with

There is a good chance that someone else is facing the same problem as you.
Share that, and you might just find someone who can help you.

#4 - Make a list

Lists are a proven winner format on Twitter. You can see all kinds of lists, but there are two that almost always perform
People lists
A few ideas:
  • Suggest people who must follow
  • List people who are inspiring for you
  • List people relevant in one niche
It's best to avoid overdoing this one, as it can be considered spam by some users if you tag them constantly on your content.
Tool lists
People on Twitter are suckers for tools list. I don’t know what it is but we are always looking for new tools to play with.
A few ideas:
  • Make a list of tools you are currently using
  • Make a list of tools you wish to try
  • Make a list of tools for one specific niche (eg Twitter creators)
Plus, putting it into a list format is an easy way to make sure your tweet is being read

#5 - Show your expertise.

Share tips and advice related to your niche and industry. This will help you build trust and credibility among your peers.
Not an expert? Don’t worry. Share what you learn instead.

#6 - Memes

Memes are a fun way to connect with your audience and get engagement. Just make sure they are tied to your niche somehow and that you don’t overdo them.
You are not a meme account.
If you don’t know where to start, places like imgflip or kapwing have excellent templates to get started.

#7 - Share a hot take

Twitter is THE place to share your opinion on things. Why not share a hot take on something you’ve been thinking about?
You can choose a topic related to your niche or share your opinion on something that’s happening around the world.
Either way, it’s a great way to get people talking.

#8 - Promote others in your niche

Empowering others in your niche is a great way to build a reputation quickly on that industry. Just make sure to do it from a genuine place
This one is not that easy to replicate as it depends on you staying on top of trends, and not that many people have time for that.
But if one of those trends is related to your niche somehow, comment on it with your opinion. As it’s a hot topic, you’ll likely get more reach than usual.

#10 - Ask for advice from your followers

Your followers are not just numbers on a screen. They are real people with real knowledge.
Have a question? Try asking them! You might be surprised.

#11 - Offer to do something for your audience

You likely have some specific knowledge. Let people know that you are willing to help them in your tweet. See this example 👇
Putting a timeframe to your offer might be a good idea since these tweets tend to get quite popular

#12 - Giveaway a freebie

These types of tweets are great for generating leads or increasing email subscribers.
In essence, you offer something for free (a lead magnet) in exchange for someone commenting or RTing your tweet.
Here's the how-to:
  • 1st line: Make your pitch. Attack the audience’s pain and offer something that solves it (get better at X, get more Y…)
  • 2nd line: Add more. Sweeten your offer.
  • 3rd line: Tell people it’s for Free
  • 4th line: Make the rule. Ask them to reply with a certain word or emoji
Example 👇

#13 - Share your analytics

People love to see growth. Log into Tweet Hunter’s analytics tab or find it natively on Twitter.
Then, update everyone about your progress! It could be a good idea to do it once a month.

#14 - Ask your audience to participate

The idea is to ask people to add their two cents to whatever you're posting. List tweets are a great complement to this type of tweet.
Rather than ending the list as it is, you can ask people to let you know if anything was missed. This prompts engagement and audience participation.
Also, you can create an engaging poll. Learn how to do it with this guide.

#15 - Give people a platform to celebrate or promote themselves

It's always exciting to share wins. Let your audience use your Tweet as a way to share them.
Ask people, “What’s one win you had this week?” or “What are you working on?”
They can then use the replies to share a win or a link to what they're working on. Your role is merely to provide them with a platform.

#16 - Ask people if they agree or disagree

This is how you should do it:
  1. Make a statement (For example, Lebron James is the GOAT)
  1. Ask people if they agree or disagree with it.
  1. See what happens

#17 - Recommend one piece of content you just consumed

This could be a book, a movie, an article…It's better if you tag the author so they might interact with it!

#18 - Ask people to complete your tweet

Write a “fill in the blanks” type of tweet and let your audience complete it for you. This is a fun game that often generates a huge amount of engagement.

#19 - Appreciate someone helpful

Twitter is a social network. If someone was helpful, let them know in public! This is how you build relationships.

#20 - Re-introduce yourself to your new followers

It’s a good idea to re-introduce yourself to your followers every now and then, especially if you had a growth spur. Take the chance to present yourself and let them know what to expect from your tweets!

Moving forward

If you are reading this post, it's because you want to build an audience on Twitter. Our ideas should last you for at least a few weeks!
Regardless of your approach, remember to be consistent and, most importantly, enjoy yourself.
This Twitter thing is supposed to be fun.
Other articles that can help you kickstart your journey are the 3 Twitter Tips you are probably not using and The Follower Funnel.

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