15 Twitter/X Myths Busted

We revisit some of the most popular Twitter/X myths to bust them

15 Twitter/X Myths Busted
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We revisit some of the most popular Twitter/X myths to bust them
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15 Twitter/X Myths Busted
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X is Twitter’s new name, but the platform has been around since 2006.
That means that through the years, there have been many myths and mysteries surrounding the platform and how it’s used.
Until today.
We took the time to recap the most common myths about Twitter/X and bust them. Here they are 👇

Myth 1: Twitter/X shows tweets in chronological order

Despite starting with a chronological timeline, Twitter/X introduced an algorithmic feed a while ago.
This is now known as the “For You” page. But you're not at its mercy – you can always opt out to the “Following” page for a more chronological order on your feed.
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Myth 2: Twitter/X will notify you when someone unfollows

There's a mistaken belief that Twitter sends notifications when someone unfollows you.
The truth is that Twitter/X doesn’t. Be careful about third-party apps claiming they will notify you because they can’t.

Myth 3: Twitter/X Has an "Unsend" button

This was a myth until a few months ago and one of the most requested features ever for Twitter/X: The ability to unsend a post right after you send it.
Right now, if you are an X Premium user (formerly Twitter Blue) you get a few seconds to unsend your tweets after you click send.
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Myth 4: Verified accounts are always trustworthy

The blue verification badge confirms that the user has paid for X Premium (Twitter Blue), not the accuracy of content or identity.
Verification ≠ credibility.
Another question you might be asking yourself is, is it worth it to subscribe?

Myth 5: You need to use hashtags for visibility

While hashtags help with discoverability, they also can add more noise to your message.
Hashtags make sense when they are part of an event or similar but on a regular piece of content? Not so much.

Myth 6: More followers = More influence

Numbers aren't everything.Followers matter, but influence comes from engagement and quality of your network.
Many people have grown audiences by using shady tactics. Or those audiences might also be from many years ago and are now mostly inactive.

Myth 7: Twitter/X is exclusively for short content

Twitter has evolved beyond text to embrace images, videos, and live audio. In fact, some would argue that the algorithm is now pushing media content over text-based content.
A multimedia approach makes sure you maximize your Twitter presence. You could try with visuals, videos, Spaces

Myth 8: Deleting tweets removes them completely

Deleted tweets can linger through caches and screenshots. It’s very hard to remove a tweet entirely from the internet. Take that into account when tweeting! Don’t say something you might regret.

Myth 9: The more you tweet, the better

While being consistent on Twitter/X is a huge factor, quantity doesn't trump quality. A flooded feed can lead to follower fatigue.
Be careful not to sabotage yourself with the algorithm. Let your tweets breathe.
If you want to dive deeper into posting frequency, check our guide on the topic.

Myth 10: Reposts (Retweets) equal endorsement

Reposts are often considered a strong endorsement of the shared content. While they can indicate approval, they can also serve as a way to share diverse viewpoints or engage in discussions.
People repost for various reasons beyond approval. Don’t make the mistake of thinking of every repost as an endorsement.

Myth 11: Blocking someone prevents them from seeing your tweets

Blocking someone might seem like a foolproof way to make your tweets invisible to them. However, blocked users can still see your tweets if they log out or use another account.
Blocking restricts interactions, but tweets remain visible to blocked users through logouts or alternate accounts.

Myth 12: All Tweets are public

There's a misconception that everything you tweet is visible to everyone on the platform. But Twitter offers the option to make your account private, meaning only approved followers can see your tweets.
Not all tweets need to be public. Protect your tweets if you wan’t a more controlled audience, but take into account that might limit your growth.

Myth 13: You Can't Mute Specific Keywords or Conversations

The ability to mute keywords and conversations is valuable lets you tailor your feed and avoid content you'd rather not see.
Muting certain keywords is a powerful tool to customize your Twitter feed. Here are two other tips you probably not using (but should).

Myth 14: Mentioning someone always equals a notification

Mentioning someone in a post doesn't automatically trigger a notification for them. Some users might miss mentions if they aren't actively monitoring them or have the feature turned off.

Myth 15: Your followers will see 100% of your tweets

Twitter's algorithm might not show all your tweets to all your followers. Engagement and relevance play a role on what gets shown to them, especially in the new “For You” page.

Stay on top of what’s happening on X

Most of these myths come from a place of ignorance. If you are not sure about how the platform works, it’s easy to make a wrong guess.
Your best option to stay informed is to follow official accounts and search on the help center.
Or you can keep visiting our blog, where we do out best to stay on top of everything that’s happening on Twitter/X!

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