Is Twitter Blue Worth It in 2023?

Exploring Twitter Blue in 2023: Is the paid subscription worth the investment?

Is Twitter Blue Worth It in 2023?
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Twitter Blue in 2023: Pricing, features, and worth. Is the paid subscription service worth considering?
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Twitter Blue: What Is It and Is It Worth the Money?
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There have been significant changes on Twitter ever since Elon Musk took over. One change that users didn’t see coming was a paid subscription. Twitter Blue offers users additional perks and features for a monthly fee.
But is Twitter Blue worth it in 2023? In this article, we’ll talk about the pricing for this service, its features, disadvantages, and if the service is really worth paying for.
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What Is Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue is an optional paid subscription. Users can pay a monthly fee to get access to extra features that are aimed at enhancing their experience on the platform. The service was initially introduced in Canada and Australia before it was launched in the U.S. at the end of 2021.
There are two main things that Twitter Blue offers: exclusive perks and a blue checkmark. If you are a business and opt for this service, you’ll get a gold checkmark. Check out our handy guide on all of Twitter’s checkmarks and labels.
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How Much Does the Twitter Blue Subscription Cost?

The subscription cost for Twitter Blue varies by country. If you are in the U.S., the web pricing is $8/month. The iOS pricing is $11/month. If you sign up for a yearly subscription, you’ll be able to save a little on the subscription cost. For example, the yearly web pricing in the U.S. is $84, while the yearly iOS pricing is $114.99.
Those who already had a subscription before the launch of the new Twitter Blue will be able to continue paying $3-$5/month, depending on their earlier subscription. Once the subscription ends, they can enroll for the new Twitter Blue service or end their subscription.

Top 8 Twitter Blue Features

To decide if Twitter Blue is worth it, you’ll first need to know more about what you get when subscribing to this service. Here are the key features of Twitter Blue.

1. Blue Checkmark

It goes without saying, but the hallmark perk of Twitter Blue is the blue checkmark. Previously, blue checkmarks were only given to notable and verified accounts. Twitter Blue subscribers can receive a blue checkmark without a verification process. For many users, this blue checkmark is important and worth spending $11 monthly.

2. Undo Tweets

This feature allows you to retract your tweet after sending it before it is visible to anyone else. You’ll have a limited time to undo a tweet, and once that period is over, that tweet will be visible to everyone else. You can choose to delete it or leave it later. Simply put, the Undo Tweet feature simply delays your tweet before it goes live.

3. Edit Tweets

This has been a long-requested feature by Twitter users, and it is finally available on the platform, but only for Twitter Blue subscribers. You’ll have a one-hour window after posting a tweet to edit it as often as you want. It only applies to quote tweets and original tweets.

4. Top Articles

If you use the platform for following news or content in your niche, Top Articles offers you a shortcut to the top articles in your network. This means you’ll have a handy list of the most-shared articles from the people you follow and their network.

5. Bookmarks Folder

The Bookmark Folders allow you to organize all your bookmarked tweets into separate folders. You can have unlimited bookmarks and folders. This makes it easy for you to find your bookmarks later.

6. Customization

Twitter Blue subscription will also be able to customize how the app icons are displayed on their phones. You can choose from several different color options and re-arrange the icons.

7. NFT Profile Picture

Another customization option is NFTs. With Twitter Blue, you can upload an NFT profile picture. This will be displayed in a hex-shaped instead of the standard round shape. Once you connect your account temporarily to a crypto wallet, you’ll be able to set up your NFT profile picture.
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8. Longer Videos

With Twitter Blue, you’ll be able to longer videos on Twitter. Currently, a Twitter Blue subscription allows for videos of up to 8GB size and two hours long on iOS and If you are a content creator that frequently uses videos, this feature can be incredibly helpful.

Drawbacks of Twitter Blue

While there are plenty of perks that come with a subscription to Twitter Blue, there are a few drawbacks that you should know about.

It Isn’t Ad-Free

Twitter promotes its subscription with a feature called Half Ads. This means that with a subscription, you’ll see 50% fewer ads in your timeline when you subscribe. But it still doesn’t give you a completely ad-free experience, unlike many other subscription services where paying a monthly fee means you won’t see any ads.

No Free Trial

There are no free trials for Twitter Blue. You can’t test out the service to see whether Twitter Blue is worth it. Additionally, subscriptions are non-refundable. Once you’ve paid for it, you can’t get your money back.

Twitter Blue Doesn’t Mean What It Used To

The blue checkmark doesn’t mean what it used to be on Twitter. Getting verified on Twitter earlier meant that you had your identity verified and are notable in your industry. You get a blue checkmark with Twitter Blue, but it doesn’t mean the same. People will know you paid for it, which may even put off many of your followers.

Eligibility Requirements for Twitter Blue

Here are a few requirements to be eligible for Twitter Blue:
  • Your account must be over 90 days old.
  • You’ll need to confirm your phone number.
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Once you subscribe to the service, all features will be available immediately. The blue checkmark will only appear after your account has been reviewed to make sure it meets all eligibility requirements.

How to Sign Up for Twitter Blue

If you are eligible for Twitter Blue, here’s how you can sign up for it.
  • Click “Verified” on your sidebar menu on
  • Click “I am an individual” and then click “Subscribe.”
  • Follow the payment instructions on checkout to subscribe.
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You can cancel your subscription anytime but can’t get a refund. Once you cancel, you’ll lose all the features of Twitter Blue immediately. The blue checkmark will remain until your subscription expires.

Final Verdict- Is Twitter Blue Worth It in 2023?

Now that we’ve looked at the features of Twitter Blue and the drawbacks, Is Twitter Blue worth it? That depends. If you are a casual user, you probably don’t need all the features that come with the subscription. Paying $8-$11/month just for the blue checkmark may not be worth it. If you are someone who can really benefit from features such as longer videos, longer tweets, edit tweets, and prioritized rankings, Twitter Blue may be worth it.
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