How to Use Twitter Spaces: The Ultimate Guide

Discover the power of Twitter Spaces and engage intimately with your audience through live conversations.

How to Use Twitter Spaces: The Ultimate Guide
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Discover the power of Twitter Spaces and engage intimately with your audience through live conversations.
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How to Use Twitter Spaces: Step-by-Step Guide
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The new age of marketing is all about being human and intimate. Twitter Spaces allows you to engage with your audiences through live conversations. Marketers recognize the benefits of audio rooms.
If you’re a little overwhelmed with how to use Twitter Spaces, this article will walk you through all the features of Twitter Spaces, the benefits of using them, and step-by-step directions on how to start using them.
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What are Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces provides you with a way to live-stream conversations on the platform. It is a versatile feature that can be used in multiple ways, such as to generate buzz about an event or product or to have authentic discussions with your target audience.
Instead of reading tweets, your followers can listen to you and participate in conversations through Twitter Spaces. For those who are trying to build a personal brand, this is an opportunity to genuinely connect with your audience without having to stick to character or time limits.
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Why Use Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces can be used to grow your brand and engage your Twitter community. You can use it as an avenue where you can nurture your relationships, build a new audience, and discuss topics that are relevant to your followers.
You can also utilize Twitter Spaces to build thought leadership in your field, share the latest updates, or launch a new product or service. For brands, using Spaces is important because it allows them to stand apart from their competition, attract new followers, and build a deeper relationship with their current followers to retain them.

How to Use Twitter Spaces for Business?

Although Twitter Spaces is an excellent avenue to chat with like-minded individuals, how to use Twitter Spaces for your business?
Here are a few ideas to explore:
  • Hosting an interview with a notable expert.
  • Hosting a speaking event and inviting an expert.
  • Hosting a Q&A session.
  • Hosting a networking session.
  • Introducing a new product or service.
  • Providing valuable advice for free.

How to Find Twitter Spaces to Join?

If you’ve never joined a Twitter Space before, it’s time for you to get acquainted with this feature. You can only join a Twitter Space when it is live. The mobile app is the easiest way to find and join a Space.
On your mobile device:
  • Open your Twitter App.
  • If there’s a purple outline at the top of your timeline, click it.
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  • Select a Space you would like to join.
  • Tap “Start listening.”
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On desktop:
  • Open your Twitter account on the browser.
  • If you have received an invitation with a link to the Space, click it to join.
  • You can also type in “filters:spaces” in the search bar to find tweets of Spaces.
  • Click “Start listening” to join the Space.
You can join as a listener, but you won’t be able to participate in the conversation. To say something, send a request to the host first.

How to Use Twitter Spaces - Step-by-Step Guide to Hosting

Don’t be intimated with the idea of hosting Twitter Spaces. Once you familiarize yourself with the feature, it is pretty straightforward and quick.

Hosting a Space

Currently, you can only create a space through the iOS or Android Twitter app. Here’s how to create a Space.
  • Long press the “Compose” button located on your timeline.
  • Select the Spaces icon.
  • Alternatively, click the “Spaces” tab located at the bottom of your timeline.
  • Toggle “On” to allow mic access.
  • Click “Next.”
  • Create a name for your Space.
  • Add topics.
  • Toggle on to record the Space.
  • You can also schedule the Space for later.
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Inviting Speakers

You can invite two co-hosts and ten other speakers in your Space. This can be done once your Space has started.
  • Select the “People” icon.
  • Select a profile picture of someone in your Space and add them as a speaker or co-host.
  • Your listeners may request permission to speak. You can approve or reject the request.
As a host, you’ll have a few features on hand, such as:
  • Ability to block, mute, or remove participants.
  • Turn on captions.
  • Pin tweets to your Space for better context.
Co-hosts have access to features such as:
  • Mute or remove speakers.
  • Oversee pinned tweets.
  • Manage speaker requests.
  • Send speaker invitations.
  • Change the name of the Space.

Promoting Your Space

Once you have created your Twitter Space, you can attract more followers and participants by promoting it. Once it is scheduled, the app will automatically direct you to a page that allows you to share your Space via tweet, send the link through DM, or share through other applications.
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Ending a Twitter Space

Once you are ready to end your Space, you can tap the “Leave” button. This will end the session immediately. It is important to note that your Twitter Space will end automatically if it violates any platform rules. Once it ends, it cannot be accessed by anyone. You can, however, download a copy of the transcription within 30 days of hosting a Space.


Who Can Host a Twitter Space?

Anyone who has a Twitter account can start a Space. You’ll only be able to host a Twitter Space on Twitter for Android and iOS. You can still join a Space from your desktop.

Where to Access Twitter Spaces?

You can host, join, access, or listen to Twitter Spaces on Twitter for Android or iOS. All Twitter Spaces are public, so you can join any Space you like, even if you aren’t invited to one. Click the “Spaces” tab at the bottom of your timeline in your Twitter app to search for a Space to join.

How Long Can a Twitter Space Session Be?

One key benefit of using this feature as a part of your Twitter marketing is that it doesn’t have a set time limit. This means you can host longer sessions if needed. The Space will be live until you end it.
Using Twitter Spaces is an easy and effective way to grow your Twitter account, establish your authority, generate more leads, and build a thriving community of loyal followers. Have a clear idea about the topic of discussion, plan your Space in advance, and promote it well to attract more participants.
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