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How Brian Dean sold his one-person company for MILLIONS of dollars

Brian Dean sold his one-person company for MILLIONS of dollars. He built a personal brand around SEO that amassed 1m organic visits/per month The exact steps he took and what you can copy πŸ‘‡ [img:IiaRCVCRL]

8 days ago

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Shaan Puri took his Twitter account from 0 to 330K followers in less than 2 years He's not your average Twitter creator. His content is unique, interesting and a reflection of his personal brand. I studied his growth and found some great insights 10 Lessons from @ShaanVP:

2 months ago

Sam Parr has grown his account to 185K followers in just 2 years. His content is a mix of interesting tweets, personal updates and amazing storytelling. I studied his account and learned some cool insights. 10 Twitter lessons from @thesamparr:

2 months ago

Hey, all FAANG smart tech people, I know you all want to create your own startup. But have you tried Indie Making? It's the new way to build a happy life without the usual start-up problems. Here's your playbook for building a $1M/year one-person business: [img:m2B7M7k2L]

2 months ago

Give me 2 minutes and I'll convince you why building a personal brand is the highest ROI activity you can do right now:

3 months ago

After 15+ tries, I finally scaled a startup to $1 Million ARR Scaling is... chaotic. These 10 tools made it MUCH easier:

3 months ago

Twitter has so many generous folks giving away free advice Their content are easily worth hundreds $$$ 14 accounts you MUST follow πŸ‘‡

3 months ago

5 πŸ’Ž from October πŸ† ... and why they went viral 1. Posture Problems Why did it work? - highly actionable - universal pain point - Includes a personal story twitter.com/ItsKieranDrew/status/1576190456689577984 [img:KtkagsL4o]

3 months ago

Dan Koe has built an audience of 500,000+ across multiple platforms. And it all started on Twitter. He has used his writing to build a $500K+ year one-person business. I studied all his strategies and processes, and here's what I learned. 12 Lessons from @thedankoe:

3 months ago

Matt Gray has absolutely exploded on Twitter in 2022. He has added 100K+ followers in just the 6 months. I did a breakdown of his Twitter growth strategy. Here's what I learned. 12 Twitter lessons from @matt_gray_

3 months ago