10 Twitter growth lessons from Sam Parr

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Sam Parr has grown his account to 185K followers in just 2 years. His content is a mix of interesting tweets, personal updates and amazing storytelling. I studied his account and learned some cool insights. 10 Twitter lessons from @thesamparr:

1. Write Threads The secret to growing on Twitter is threads. But not generic threads and listicles. Instead, story-based, case study threads in your niche. Sam's niche is launching and running businesses: twitter.com/thesamparr/status/1295718343694065665

2. Spiky opinions Don't be afraid to share spiky points of view. They start interesting conversations and you get to connect with your followers at a deeper level. Sam doesn't hold back when criticizing something: twitter.com/thesamparr/status/1409884148609789970

3. Share cool stuff Not all content you create on Twitter has to be your own. You should share interesting findings that will be interesting to your audience. But do share your 2 cents when you share stuff - twitter.com/thesamparr/status/1344061200485785601

4. Share behind the scenes Not all your content has to be perfectly polished. Bring your audience into your process. Share background details of the work you do. twitter.com/thesamparr/status/1560826757967749121

5. Build deeper connections. Get closer to your audience and take them off the platform. Ask them to send you a DM, sign up to your newsletter, or even join an IRL meetup with you. twitter.com/thesamparr/status/1542704611487793153

6. Share personal Even if you use Twitter for business connections, it doesn't have to be only about work. Especially once you build a decent following, your audience wants to know more about your personal life. Don't be afraid to share it - twitter.com/thesamparr/status/1474895670205104130

7. Ask interesting questions Quality engagement is the key to growing on Twitter. And asking cool questions is a great way to get engagement. Sam is a master at asking good questions. twitter.com/thesamparr/status/1503391837083557893

8. Share Your Unique Lessons The wins and failures of your past can be valuable to your audience. Compile those lessons into threads and publish them regularly. Sam wrote about his hot dog business and it became a viral thread. twitter.com/thesamparr/status/1134717178983243777

9. Tell stories Storytelling is one of the most powerful forms of writing. Be it in long-form threads or short tweets. Try to frame your content as a story. This is a great example of a story tweet from Sam - twitter.com/thesamparr/status/1536065842877718529

10. Launch products Ultimately you want to use your Twitter following to get traction for your business. It can be through connecting with cool people, working with them, and even launching products with them. Just like Sam did with his course - twitter.com/thesamparr/status/1489262108113977345

Hope this thread gives you a few ideas for your own Twitter growth. If you liked it then please these lessons from Sam with your followers. 👉 RT this thread ♻️ Thanks ❤️ twitter.com/tibo_maker/status/1596473892473749504

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