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12 months ago

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I've built 15+ SaaS & acquired 25000+ customers To do that, I've studied 100+ SaaS startups to understand how they get customers. Here are 8 best marketing channels & how you can use them πŸ‘‡

1. ProductHunt I've ranked #1 on product hunt multiple times with all my products. This is a gold mine for getting new customers. I did it so much that I ended up Maker of the year 2022 😎 - consider it [img:FL-lPZPpR]

Here is an epic guide to building your product hunt strategy

2. Crunchbase Let's say you have an enterprise solution Got to Crunchbase & look for all the startups that raised funds in the last 2 months & are in your niche. They are literally your customers, with NO budget problems

3. SEO From Day 1, you should start investing in SEO. This is still one of the best ways to generate inbound leads. A good SEO strategy can be like being #1 on product hunt every day

Here's the best thread you'll ever find on SEO -

4. Cold Outreach Use tools like & find emails of all the companies you'd want to target.

Here's how you write a killer cold email -

5. Hacker News I've seen a lot of tech founders reaching out to other developers & tech founders on HackerNews, just to ask them for feedback on their product. Most of them got new customers from there.

6. Reddit Believe it or not, Reddit works. There are over 100k active communities on Reddit. You just have to find ones in your niche.

Here are 9 subreddits you can start leveraging right now

7. LinkedIn/Twitter Telling stories will never get old. In 2023, if you're not building your personal brand, you're losing out on billions of dollars worth of opportunities. Building a personal brand is the highest ROI activity. I've explained it here

8. Word of Mouth We got a fair share of users for Tweet Hunter & Taplio just from word of mouth. People liked using our products, they told their friends, & we got new customers.

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