10 Twitter Growth Lessons from @ShaanVP

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Shaan Puri took his Twitter account from 0 to 330K followers in less than 2 years He's not your average Twitter creator. His content is unique, interesting and a reflection of his personal brand. I studied his growth and found some great insights 10 Lessons from @ShaanVP:

1. Ride trends Threads are a great way to grow on Twitter. But what's even better? Threads about current topics in your niche. Shaan's thread about the Metaverse went viral. It was spiky and interesting. And metaverse was a hot topic at the time. twitter.com/ShaanVP/status/1454151237650112512

2. Be Original 99% of the threads on Twitter are boring and repetitive. Shaan's writing is original. Like this thread about Clubhouse. It got him an interview with CNBC. And added 20K+ followers within a couple of days. twitter.com/ShaanVP/status/1371972261004070913

3. Don't be afraid of controversy Spiky opinions start interesting conversations. And help you build a stronger bond with your followers. They're a great way to build a personal brand on Twitter. Check this thread from Shaan - twitter.com/ShaanVP/status/1364621955647893504

4. Interesting + Educational content Your content should be fun but also informative. Nobody likes only 1 type of content. Your audience wants to learn, but without getting bored. This thread about Instagram food accounts is a great example - twitter.com/ShaanVP/status/1370080118455074817

5. Connect with interesting people Twitter is a "social" network. Which means you connect and collaborate with like-minded people. And share their work with your audience. Curating the best accounts to follow is a great way to do this. twitter.com/ShaanVP/status/1344365247231008770

6. Share your decisions Many influencers on "business Twitter" only share theoretical knowledge. But plain theory isn't very useful for your audience. Shaan shares his actual business decisions and the reasons behind them. twitter.com/shaanvp/status/1474071654254858255

7. Share wins and losses Twitter is not just about sharing wins. Sharing failures makes you more relatable to your audience. Shaan shares his best and worst openly on Twitter - twitter.com/ShaanVP/status/1475166862476562434

8. Build in Public - Be open about your work, and share your process with your audience. Shaan even hires people from within his followers. And puts out call job post tweets such as this - twitter.com/ShaanVP/status/1371264750852530178

9. Curate cool stuff If you post the same type of stuff all day, you will bore your audience. Add more color to your account. Curate interesting articles, podcasts, videos. And visuals - twitter.com/ShaanVP/status/1475959201830604800

10. Validate your product ideas Twitter is a great place to get traction for your products early on. You can use it to validate your ideas and even pre-sell your offers. Shaan did it brilliantly with his Power Writing course - twitter.com/ShaanVP/status/1392238199091523586

Thank you for reading. Hope this thread gives you some ideas for your Twitter growth. If you liked it then please let your followers find these lessons from Shaan πŸ‘‰ RT this thread ♻️ Thanks ❀️ twitter.com/tibo_maker/status/1599010596430692354

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