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12 months ago

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Twitter is full of advice about Twitter. And most of it sucks. Here are the ones that don't:

I asked you all for 1 piece of Twitter advice you'd live by and my replies turned into a Twitter crash course. Here's some of the best, plus some extra advice from me.

Embrace the Embarrassment Taking Twitter seriously is embarrassing. People in your life won't get it and may make comments. You have to lean into the embarrassment and accept it. If you don't, you'll let it talk you out of it altogether.

Enjoy Engaging Having good Tweets helps, but for small accounts you have to enjoy engaging on other's. If you don't enjoy it, you're either focusing on the wrong topics or following the wrong people

Give First Don't expect a faithful audience to appear overnight. Engagement is never guaranteed. Give, give, give and share your value first. Let the rest take care of itself.

Build the Habit Tweeting has to become a habit. Get used to spending time every day thinking about topics and ideas for Twitter.

Every Day Doesn't Need to Mean Every Day Write Tweets in bulk, and schedule them to go out. That way it's no big deal when you do miss a day.

Mute & Block Freely Protect your space. Don't let others ruin it for you. Mute phrases you're sick of. Block abusive people. Keep your corner of Twitter fun to be in, and it'll be easier for everyone to keep coming back.

Share What You Truly Think Don't force yourself to be somebody that you're not. Trust your instincts. If it feels wrong or 'unlike you' to post, it probably is.

Tell Stories Sharing what you know is valuable. Sharing what you know wrapped in an entertaining story is shareable. Good storytelling will take you far.

Do Less, Better Twitter is good at making you think you need to do everything. The truth is the opposite. Don't spread yourself thin trying everything. Focus on a few things, and do them exceptionally well.

Not All Twitter Advice is Right For You This might be the most important tip here. There's so much bad advice, don't get stuck following everything. Follow what works and what works consistently.

Sticking to Twitter and building an audience changed my life. It's hard It didn't happen overnight. It didn't happen without mistakes. There's no 1 way to do this. Just give it time and effort.

If you're trying to take Twitter seriously this year, reply here and let me know how it's going! And RT this thread with your own piece of Twitter advice! twitter.com/tibo_maker/status/1630565761407131648

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