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12 months ago

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What if you build products in 7 days... Today you can. And since 95% of products end nowhere, building more and faster should be your #1 priority. 8 steps to build in 7 days (and all the tools to do it):

1. Creatives - Dall-E-2 - enter a phrase related to your idea and take inspiration - Canva - free templates, elements and creatives - Figma - best for logos, easy to share and collaborate with teams - Smart Mockups - product screenshots for free

2. Website - Carrd - fast, easy, great templates and low prices - Webflow (more complex) - no code, better interactive sites

3. Core Product - Bubble.io - build no code web apps, free to build, pay once you grow - Flowmapp - tools to collab in UX, strategy etc. Create sitemaps, build flowcharts + more. - Uxpin - create prototypes for testing your product, low cost

4. Payment System - Stripe - quick creation, customer facing pages, tons of integration - Paddle - costs more than stripe but handles tax completely 🤩

5. Organized Workspace - Notion - blank canvas for your way of working, awesome for teams - Zapier / Make - connect and automate everything (gmail, notion, website etc) - Slack - organize and automate team communication, integrates with other tools

6. Launch Publicity - Product Hunt - product publishing, products listed in linear format by day. Daily email listing top tech products previous day - Submit - list of tech media sites sortable by twitter followers/alexa rank, easy outreach list build

7. Marketing - Ahrefs - perfect your SEO - ReallyGoodEmails - best showcase of email design, 10k+ emails to learn from - Testimonialto - video testimonials for website social proof - Feather .so - build your blog from Notion

8. Feedback to improve - Tally - simple form builder, visually appealing and engaging questionnaires - Hotjar - site visitor heatmaps, funnels, forms, free version too

The more you build, the better and quicker you’ll get at doing it. Build quick = increase chances of a winner.

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