Threads Vs. Twitter/X: The Biggest Differences Between the Two

Explore Twitter/X's rival app, Instagram Threads. Discover the key differences and features.

Threads Vs. Twitter/X: The Biggest Differences Between the Two
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Discover the biggest differences between Twitter/X and Instagram's Threads. Learn about the features of Twitter's rival app.
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Threads Vs. Twitter/X: The Biggest Differences Between the Two
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Instagram’s Threads was released on July 5th, days after discussions of a cage fight between the two. While it doesn’t seem likely the cage fight will happen anytime soon, Twitter’s rival app is already a hot topic on and off Twitter/X.
Twitter/X mostly inspires the Threads app, and there are a lot of similarities between the two apps. But what is it exactly? What features does it offer?
In this article, we’ll talk about the biggest differences between Twitter and Instagram Threads.
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What is Instagram’s Threads App?

Instagram’s Threads app is a text-based app that delivers a similar experience to Twitter at first glance. Both of these apps provide a space for their users to share text-based posts, start conversations, and talk about the latest news in the world.
If you have an Instagram account and sign up for Threads, your followers and accounts you follow will be migrated to the new app. You’ll see the content they post on your feed. The biggest difference between the two apps is that Threads allows you to post 500 characters per post.

Threads Vs. Twitter: 9 Key Differences

At first glance, both of these apps seem to be identical when it comes to the features they offer. There are, however, a few key differences you should know about.

1. Account Deletion

You can sign into Threads using the same credentials if you have an Instagram account. You’ll have the choice to import your profile details and the accounts you follow on Instagram.
Unlike Threads, Twitter/X is not tied to any other social media platform. This means you’ll have to create an account and choose your credentials when you sign up. You’ll also be able to delete your Twitter account whenever you want.
Here’s where things get a little complicated with Threads. You’ll be able to deactivate your Threads account to hide your posts and profile. But if you want to delete the account, you’ll also have to delete your Instagram account. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of Threads.
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2. Character Limit

Threads and Twitter/X are used to share short messages with other platform users. The main difference between the two is that Twitter offers a character limit of 280 while Threads offers a character limit of 500.
Twitter/X users have often felt limited by the character limit but, over the years, have mastered the art of crafting short but engaging tweets. Users on the platform have also found creative ways of using formats like threads to share more in-depth content with their audience without exceeding the character limit.

3. Verification

If you’ve been a Twitter/X user for some time, you’re probably aware of Elon Musk’s overhaul of the verification system. There are multiple types of Twitter check marks and badges, such as Twitter Blue, to show that the user has purchased a Twitter Blue subscription. Government entities receive a grey checkmark, while organizations get a gold checkmark.
On Threads, users don’t need to verify their account because the verification is carried over from Instagram along with your account details. If you are a verified user on Instagram, you’ll be one on Threads when you sign up.

4. Pricing

Threads is currently free to use. There are no paid subscriptions and no extra features you need to pay for.
Twitter/X, on the other hand, Twitter/X offers exclusive features to users who subscribe to Twitter Blue, which costs $8/month in the U.S. In exchange, you can access features such as customization, undo tweets, bookmarks folder, NFT profile picture, and more.

5. Hashtags

Twitter/X has a trending section that displays the current top Twitter trends. Here you can look through topics and hashtags currently trending in your region. Hashtags are also often used by users on the platform.
Threads don’t have any hashtags, though this may change soon, considering hashtags are a big part of Instagram. Threads also don’t have a trending section.
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6. Multimedia Content

Posting visual content on the two apps also has a few differences. The first difference is that Threads allows you to post ten images per post. On Twitter, you can only post four items at once.
Threads also display multiple videos and images in a carousel, which you can swipe from one side to the other. You can post various multimedia content on both apps, such as images, videos, infographics, GIFs, and more.
Twitter GIFs are much more intuitive and can be added from within the platform. To post GIFs on Threads, you’ll have to save them on your phone and then upload them to the platform.
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7. Content Discovery

This is another area where the two platforms have a huge difference. Twitter/X allows you to control what you see on your feed with several customization options. For example, you can view content only from those you follow with the “Following” option or choose a mix of content from people you follow along with suggested posts through the “For You” option.
Threads don’t offer this option yet, and your feed will display a mix of content. To control what you see in your feed, the only option currently is blocking accounts you don’t want to see or mute certain words.
Another major difference is that Threads only allows you to search for accounts. On Twitter/X, you can search for accounts and certain phrases or words to find matching tweets.
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8. Messaging

Twitter DMs allow you to message other users on the platform. Threads don’t offer in-app messaging. On Twitter, you can message people you follow, mutuals, and just about anyone if their privacy settings allow it.
DMs have been a huge part of the experience for Twitter users because they can be used for sharing tweets, voice messages, and more. DMs have also been an effective way for personal brands to build relationships and generate more leads.
On Threads, the only way to reach out to someone else is through the post's comments section, which isn’t private and is not a comfortable way of communicating with anyone.

9. Ads

Twitter ads are displayed in multiple areas on the platform. Threads currently don’t have any ads. But you can expect this to change soon as the app gains traction. Considering that Instagram is very heavy on ads and shopping-related sponsored content, it can be expected that Threads won’t remain ad-free for a long time.
Although Instagram’s Threads may have been inspired by Twitter/X, there are still several differences between the two. Threads is relatively new and lacks many features that Twitter/X currently offers. For now, it is safe to say that Twitter/X users aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.
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