The Twitter/X Algorithm Got An Update. Everything We Know (August)

The Twitter/X algorithm just got updated. And this update brings massive changes. Here’s everything we know so far.

The Twitter/X Algorithm Got An Update. Everything We Know (August)
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The Twitter/X algorithm just got updated. And this update brings massive changes. Here’s everything we know so far.
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The Twitter/X Algorithm Got An Update. Everything We Know (August)
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Did you know how the Twitter/X algorithm is open source?
That means everyone can see what changes are made in realtime and dive deep into the code to really understand how it works.
That’s good news for us Twitter/X nerds. It means every change is public. And that we can dive deep into it to understand the best course of action moving forward to build an audience on X.
Here’s everything you need to know about how the new X algorithm works after the August 2023 update.

#1 - Replies > Retweets

What does that mean?

Replies will boost your content now more than reposts (old retweets). X wants to foster more conversations between its users; this is how they plan to do it.

What should you do about it?

This means a really important part of your strategy should be to start and get involved in more conversations.
Your focus should be on high-quality replies over 1-2 words, “good post” type of replies: Ask questions, challenge the original POV, share a personal experience complementing the original post…
The goal is to get the author to respond to that question, as the algo update shows that it’s also an algorithm booster too.
If you need a more structured approach to replies, we suggest you use the Snipe List framework. Here’s the TL;DR:
  • Create a list of 20 top accounts in your niche
  • Upload that list to Tweet Hunter
  • Start engaging with those accounts on a daily basis with our CRM feature
But remember, prioritize high-quality replies. It’s better to leave 3 of those a day than 20 one-word replies

#2 - Video content is getting boosted

What does that mean?

Video content is about to get pushed more on the algorithm. Apparently, the “you might like” sections will be replaced with “Popular videos.”

What should you do about it?

Twitter/X has been working on many video features, so this is a natural step to becoming a video platform. This also means you need to start incorporating video into your Twitter/X strategy:
Try to post more videos and less images. If your content is image heavy, try turning them into a 3-second gif so it counts as a “video.”
It’s likely that vlog-type of content will become more common, so if you are confident on camera, this is your chance! An alternative is to start curation other people’s videos. You get the benefits without having to show your face, but it’s a short-term strategy.
If you need ideas on what video content to make, check out these 10 ideas.

#3 - Turn on subscriptions

What does that mean?

The new algo update suggests that subscription content will be pushed. You’ll get more recommended premium content on your feed.

What should you do about it?

Apply to have your subscriptions on. The process takes a long time, so better to do it now than later.
Once you do, start planning for a subscription-first content strategy. Some ideas:
  • Behind the scenes type of content
  • Exclusive AMAs
  • Exclusive Spaces
If you want to understand exactly how Twitter subscriptions work, here’s our in-depth guide.

What does that mean?

The algorithm has new code around recommending tweets. Twitter/X is still the place to get the latest news.

What should you do about it?

Jumping on the trend trains is challenging. If the topics you talk about are too far apart from your original niche, you could hurt your reach. But, if you manage to tie a global event happening with your niche, that’s 💰
Don’t force it, though.

#5 - Posts lifespan extended

What does that mean?

Tweets have been famous for their short lifespan. The new update apparently enhances a tweet lifespan from 24 to 48h.

What should you do about it?

Not much to do here besides focusing on creating good content. The content lasting more on the feed means you get more opportunities for your content to work. But it must have a quality base, or it will be overlooked.

#6 - Avoid de-boosted content

What does that mean?

Certain keywords, topics, and actions will “de-boost” your content. This means mentions to Twitter/X competitors (threads) and links.

What should you do about it?

Longer form content is getting prioritized, content that keeps people ON the platform and reading for longer. Shorter wisdom tweets that are easy to scroll by might not work well anymore.
Combine that with avoiding links and mention to competitors, and you’ll be good.

Next steps

Those are many changes, so what now? What does an algorithm-optimized post look like? It would be something like:
  • Long-form tweet or video
  • Mentioning a trending topic
  • Sharing more real and authentic content
  • Avoiding links and mention of competitors
Knowing this doesn't mean each of your future posts needs to be algo-proof. It’s good to know this information and take it into account when posting, but don’t try to play everything by the algorithm, or you’ll end up sounding like a robot.
And don’t forget, Tweet Hunter is still your best help for your Twitter/X mission!
This article is a summary of the information shared by these sources: NFT GOD, Jason Leow, & the Algorithm open source code page

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