Everything You Need to Know About Twitter Subscription for Creator

Discover how to make money on Twitter with a sizeable following through the Twitter subscription feature.

Everything You Need to Know About Twitter Subscription for Creator
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Twitter Subscriptions - the new way for creators to monetize their content on the platform. Find out how much you can earn.
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Twitter Subscription: How you can apply, features & prices
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The Super Follows feature introduced by Twitter in 2021 is now re-branded as Twitter Subscriptions. The feature allows creators to charge a monthly subscription fee from their subscribers. Users get access to exclusive tweets and content from creators.
This can be a good way to make money on Twitter if you are active on the platform and have a sizeable following, but the feature is not yet open for everyone to sign up. Here’s what you need to know about this new feature.
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What are Twitter Subscriptions?

For a monthly fee, users can get exclusive content from creators they like through Twitter Subscriptions. For creators, this is an opportunity to turn their following into a fan hub through features like subscriber-only spaces.
Although the Super Follows feature was already available to creators, with the subscriptions feature, there are some critical differences.
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What are the Features Available with Subscriptions?

Once you sign up for an account as a Twitter Subscriber, you’ll have access to the following features.

Subscriber Tag and Badge

Creators will find a tab in their notifications dedicated to their subscriber activity. Subscribers will receive a badge to stand out whenever they comment on the tweets of the creator they’ve subscribed to. Badges are public and will be displayed next to the subscriber’s name.

Exclusive Tweets

Creators will also be able to post exclusive tweets that will only be available to their subscribers. This will be a good way to provide additional value to subscribers through content that is not available to anyone else. In turn, this may motivate other followers to subscribe for a chance to get access to gated content.
Creators will get a dedicated link through which they can share information about their offerings on their Subscription page.
You can use this link to promote your offerings on and off Twitter to grow your followers.

Subscriber-Only Spaces

You’ll be able to host subscriber-only live conversations with your subscribers. When you start a Space, you’ll be able to select an option to specify that only your subscribers can join.
Twitter will also be rolling out further to include newsletters and other bonus content as part of Twitter Subscriptions.
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Eligibility Criteria for Twitter Subscriptions

Creators can currently sign up as Subscription Creators in countries that are supported by Twitter’s payment provider. You’ll also need to meet the eligibility criteria to sign up, such as:
  • 18 years or older
  • Active in the last 30 days
  • At least 500 followers
Check Twitter’s Subscriptions Policy for a full list of eligibility requirements. If you’re eligible, you may be added to the waitlist if you are not currently selected.
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Once you are selected, you will also be required to post at least 25 tweets in a month.

How to Apply for Twitter Subscriptions

Signing up as a Subscriptions Creator is easy and straightforward.
  • Select the three dots on the homepage menu.
  • Click “Professional Tools.”
  • Select “Monetization” from the drop-down menu.
  • Click “Subscriptions” and then “Check eligibility.”
  • If you are eligible, you’ll be able to click “Continue to application.”
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How Much Can You Earn Through Subscriptions

As a creator, you’ll be able to set a monthly price for your offerings. Twitter has several price points available to choose from. You’ll be paid up to 97% of the revenue that is generated by selling subscriptions after fees.
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You’ll receive this revenue until you reach lifetime earnings of $50,000. After that, you may still be able to earn 80% of the revenue.

How and When You Will Get Paid

If you are approved for the Twitter Subscriptions program, you’ll have to set up an account with Stripe, which is the payment provider for this program. Based on your location, Stripe will determine the payment method and eligibility.
The minimum payment amount is $50, so you’ll only be able to get paid once you have passed that threshold. Any unpaid amount will roll over to the next month. Your earnings will be adjusted accordingly if any refunds or chargebacks are processed.


Can I Get a Refund on Subscriptions?

All Twitter Subscription sales are non-refundable. This also includes subscriptions linked to suspended accounts. You can still unsubscribe at any time to avoid being billed for it.

Does Twitter Provide a Form 1099 for Taxes in the US?

Creators who have earned over $600 USD in a tax year will receive a Form 1099 copy.

Can I Change the Price of My Subscription?

Currently, Twitter does not offer creators the ability to change their subscription price point. That may change in the future.

Will My Content Be Seen by Non-Subscribers?

The regular tweets that you publicly post will still be seen by non-subscribers. But only your subscribers will be able to see your exclusive subscriber-only tweets. Non-subscribers will also not be able to see any subscriber-only content sent through DMs or links.
When subscribers retweet your subscription tweets, non-subscribers cannot see the original tweets, only the additional comments.

What Kind of Content Should I Offer to Subscribers?

As a creator, you’ll still have full control over the content you offer your subscribers. But this will be a space where you’ll be able to interact closely with your subscribers by asking for their opinions and ideas, sharing your thoughts, and replying personally to your subscribers.
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