Is Twitter worth it in 2023?

If you're wondering whether to invest your time and resources into Twitter this year, this post will help you find out.

Is Twitter worth it in 2023?
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If you're wondering whether to invest your time and resources into Twitter this year, this post will help you find out.
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Is Twitter worth it in 2023?
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Twitter might not be the most popular social platform (it ranks 7th in number of social media users).
It doesn’t have the best reputation either. It’s well-known for a mostly toxic environment and being a place for misinformation (although that’s changing).
The recent takeover made the whole platform shaky. People were laid off, the way the platform worked changed, and the CEO is highly volatile. All of this caused some instability.
So, the big question: is Twitter worth it in 2023 for building an audience and business?
Despite what you just read, the answer is a big fat YES.
The reality is that Twitter if used well, can be the most powerful platform for creators and business people:
  • It has 329 million users, and 45% of them visit Twitter daily
  • Twitter has a 78% engagement rate growth (almost 10 times what Instagram has)
  • Twitter’s user base is the second most educated on social media (LinkedIn is first)
  • 53% of Twitter users are inclined to buy products they discover on the platform
But these numbers are not the only thing that makes Twitter a great opportunity for you.
Let’s learn the X reasons that make building on Twitter worth it in 2023 👇

The mindset and quality of Twitter users

The main difference between Twitter and the rest of the social platforms out there is how easy it is to connect with others.
Do you use LinkedIn? Tell me if this ever happened to you:
You get a DM.
“Oh, hey, maybe it’s an old coworker reaching out to say hi.”
Then it’s a salesperson pitching something that you don’t need.
Or let’s jump over to Instagram and be greeted by bots:
“Hey, do you want to make money with crypto? Click this very trustworthy link.”
But getting a DM on Twitter? It’s likely from someone interesting!
Now I’m not saying that people on IG or LinkedIn aren’t interesting, or that there aren’t bots or salespeople on Twitter.
But the vibe of the platform is different.
Things start to get interesting when you manage to get past that first layer of trolls, bots, and haters.
The people on Twitter are more willing to make connections than on any other platform.
Twitter feels like a classroom where little groups of people get together because of shared interests.
We have the CEOs, the marketers, the entrepreneurs, the bootstrappers, the creators…
That’s where Twitter’s true strength is: How easy it’s to find and connect with these micro-communities.
You might not have anyone in your real-life circle that likes to talk about indie-making or marketing, or whatever it is that you like.
But on Twitter, you’ll find a bunch of people from around the world who talk about it daily.

The speed of growth

Twitter has a higher organic reach than other social platforms (except for maybe LinkedIn and TikTok), meaning you can grow your audience faster there.
Almost nowhere else can you get more impressions and views on your content than on Twitter.
At the same time, it’s low friction to get started.
While on Instagram or Youtube, you need photography, design, or video editing skills, on Twitter you just need to write.
Creating a post for Instagram can take a bunch of minutes or even hours. On Twitter, it literally takes seconds to write a tweet.
This combination of easy-to-create content + high reach potential is another reason that makes Twitter a great platform for building an audience and growing your business in 2023.


Retweets are Twitter’s secret sauce. With just one click, someone with zero audiences can get in front of tens of thousands of eyeballs.
A retweet also shows trust. It means the person believes in you and is willing to let others know by sharing your message.
Now getting retweets is not that easy. You need to make good content and have a previous relationship with that account.
You can get a head start with this Quote Retweets guide we wrote a while back.

The Content

It’s amazing how willing people are on Twitter to share everything they know. It’s like getting free access to some of the best minds in the world.
The quality of content on Twitter is unmatched. Obviously, there’s a thin layer of fluff, but you can also find true gems.
Want to learn about interesting ideas? Follow Sahil 👇
Want to learn about solopreneurship? Learn from Justin 👇
Want to learn about marketing? Check out Katelyn 👇
And these are just some examples! There’s so much you can learn on Twitter when you follow the right people.
Imagine accessing a database of ideas from some of the brightest minds on the planet.
Well, Twitter is kind of like that. But how can you “access” those thoughts?
Advanced search.
Twitter’s Advanced Search is one of the most useful (but hidden) features that the platform has.
It allows you to make your search very specific, filtering by different factors like words, people, dates, etc. It’s a convenient feature if you know how to use it right.
For example, do you want to know what Elon Musk thought about Twitter between 2020 and 2021? 👇
notion image
Now imagine the possibilities!
The only downside is that it’s not one of Twitter's most intuitive features. But don’t worry, that’s why we wrote an entire guide on it!

I’m sold, where can I learn more?

Well, you are in the perfect place. The first thing you should check out is Tweet Hunter (we are biased but it’s pretty good).
Then these other articles will help you kickstart your Twitter journey:
That should be enough to get you started. See you on the bird app!

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