5 Ways to Get Noticed on Twitter in 2023

We cover 5 tactics you can implement right away so you become an audience-building machine in 2023

5 Ways to Get Noticed on Twitter in 2023
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We cover 5 tactics you can implement right away, so you become an audience-building machine in 2023
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5 Ways to Get Noticed on Twitter in 2023
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It's not too late to jump into content creation on Twitter in 2023. With so many changes happening on the platform, some would argue it is the best time ever.
But the more creators jump onto the platform, the fiercer the competition. You need to stand out from the crowd.
From your follower funnel to branding yourself, we've got you covered on the most effective tactics for getting noticed in 2023.
Let's dive in!
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Curate who you follow and engage with them

They say, “You are what you eat.” Well, the same happens with content consumption and content creation.
You are highly influenced by the people you spend the most time with.
On Twitter, that’s the people you follow.
Follow meme accounts and spammers, and your content will likely absorb some of that.
Follow people who do interesting stuff, and the same will happen.
For 2023, you should surround yourself with the latter. To do so, our advice is that you divide who you follow into the following groups:
  • Top accounts in your niche
  • People “2 steps ahead of you”
  • Your peers
  • Your followers
This will allow you to consume content in a more structured way while keeping tabs on what’s happening in your niche.
Every day, dedicate at least a few minutes to reply to a few of these people. This will slowly build relationships with them.
This is how you should do it:
  • Build 3 different lists (with Twitter lists)
    • One for the “top” accounts
    • One for the people “2 steps ahead of you” and your peers
    • One for your followers
  • Engage a few minutes with each list (for example, 10 min each)
  • Use the Twitter Lists feature or the Tweet Hunter CRM
With time, they’ll recognize you in their feed, and they’ll be likely to follow you and engage with your content in return.

Pay attention to what you post…but also how you post it

There is an important part of content creation that most content creators overlook: tweet "format.”
It doesn’t matter how good your tweet is; if it’s hard to read, people won’t read it.
To make your tweets readable, follow these simple tips:

#1 - Use blank space

Blank space is your friend. No one wants to read a wall of text.
Separate your sentences, even if it’s not how you would normally write.
This makes reading easier and adds flow. You can easily lead people into the next sentence and into the next one.

#2 - Use simple language

Keep it simple. Use words you would also use in your normal life.
No one ever said “Oh, this tweet makes the best use of the English dictionary.”

#3 - Play with the tweet’s format

Besides blank space, there are other ways you can experiment with your tweet’s format.
You can use emojis, special characters…
Engage with your audience in different funny ways. Tweethunter has a Fake Tweet Generator that realistically creates a mock-up tweet from any user name you can image. If you use it correctly, you can get a ton of RTs while having fun with your audience.

Stop the scroll

Writing on social media follows the Pareto Principle. 80% of results will come from 20% of efforts.
That 20% is your opening line or hooks.
Social media is fast-paced by nature. People scroll fast, and as creators, we need to capture their attention in seconds if we want them to keep reading our content.
That doesn’t mean people have a shorter attention span, they have shorter “consideration” spans.
That’s why your first line (or entire first tweet if you are writing a thread) needs to be really good.
Here are a few things you can do:
  • Open a curiosity loop, so people feel compelled to keep reading
  • Make a strong statement
  • Make a promise
  • Use numbers
Some examples of good opening lines:
If you want more, we’ve created 20 hook templates you can use on your own content. Get them here and here.

Build a follower funnel

It’s useless to bring traffic to your profile with content if you can’t later turn them into followers.
This is what people do when they check your profile:
Think of your Twitter profile as your digital business card. It needs to tell people what you do, and who you do it for and show them signals they can trust you.
In short, you need:
  • A good profile picture
  • A trust-building bio
  • A pinned tweet for credibility
  • A header for branding
Learn more about how to build your follower funnel with this article.

Brand yourself

Imagine you are in the marketing niche. There are a ton of people talking about marketing online.
There’s only one you.
Your brand is the difference. People will come to you for advice (or buy or whatever they need) vs someone else because of what they think and feel about you.
There are a few tactical ways how to let people into that brand, but the basics are:
  • How you talk/write
  • Your positioning
  • Your unique point of view
  • How you show yourself online visually
Let’s get into detail 👇

#1 - Your writing style

There are a lot of different tons you can adapt. You can be sweet and approachable, humble but insightful, cocky but funny…
Whatever you choose, make sure it’s aligned to whoever you are, or it will be hard to keep up.
On social media, you can portray a character, and while that works for certain people, the most effective approach is to be authentic and your true self.

#2 - Your positioning

This is the one thing you want to be known for. Some creators go as far as labeling themselves.
David Perrell for example is “The Writing guy,” and Matt Gray is “The systems guy.”
You don’t need to be “the guy” for something, but it definitely helps people inform what you are about.

#3 - Your unique point of view

What’s that unique perspective you have about the world?
It can be standing for (or against) something, a particular belief you have…
Also, the more specific, the better.
For example, “you can make a living online by writing, even if you are 40+ years old”
This is a belief. Some people will be for it, others against it. It doesn't matter, what matters is that it makes you unique and differentiates you from the rest.
If you start to talk about it online, you’ll start attracting people who agree with this. You’ll turn into their reference on the matter and start listening (and buying from you).
What’s that for you?

#4 - The visual aspect

There are a few ways you can “brand” yourself.
The easiest is to claim a color or emoji. With time, people will start to recognize you for the use of that color or emoji.
I’m still called “the orange guy” by some people 😅
notion image
From there you can go as simple or complex as you want. The only key is to keep it consistent so people can recognize you.

Moving forward

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Use this as general rules, but make your own journey.
Building an audience on Twitter is competitive, but it’s still early.
The key is consistency and hard work. Take time to experiment with these different tactics, analyze the data and adjust your approach accordingly.
And don't forget to engage with people! Reply to comments and DMs, retweet and like their content, and always aim to be authentic.
Good luck!
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