How to use advanced search on Twitter for content creation

Take your content creation to the next level by using Twitter Advanced Search. Learn how with our guide.

How to use advanced search on Twitter for content creation
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Take your content creation to the next level by using Twitter Advanced Search. Learn how with our guide.
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Twitter Search - How to use twitter search for advanced content creation
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Twitter’s advanced search is one of the best features on the platform (that most people don’t know about).
It allows you to find tweets, users and more based on various criteria and filters. We’ve talked about Twitter’s Advanced Search and how to use it in the past.
Today, we’ll cover how to use it to help with your content strategy and content creation efforts.
Let’s dive in!
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Why Twitter's advanced search is important for content creation

One of the most common challenges that content creators face is coming up with fresh and relevant content ideas for their audience. It can be difficult to consistently come up with new topics or angles, especially if you are creating in a crowded niche.
You can easily overcome this with advanced search.
By digging deeper into specific keywords or phrases related to your topic, you can uncover valuable insights about what people are searching for online and create targeted content accordingly.
Advanced search makes it much easier not only to stay ahead but also to establish yourself as a top creator,
But before diving too deep into that, let’s do a quick recap on how to use advanced search.

How can you use Twitter's advanced search? Search operators

Twitter's advanced search works with what’s known as “Search operators.”
Search operators are a series of formulas you can paste directly onto the search bar to make the advanced search easier.
Here are some of the most common:
Returns all tweets ever posted by @JustinBieber
Tweets since a specific date
Tweets until a certain date
Filtering tweets by language. In this case, English
Filter tweets by the number of likes
Filter tweets by the number of retweets
Only returns content that HAS an image or video
Only returns content that DOESN’T have an image or video
Returns tweets containing an url with the a concrete word in it
“tax reduction”
Returns tweets with the exact phrase between the “
Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s jump into how to use them to get more content ideas.

How to use advanced search for content creation. 3 use cases.

#1 - Use advanced search to research a specific topic

You can find popular tweets about literally any topic you can imagine.
Let’s say we want to do some research around “AI writing”.
Let’s go to the search bar and paste our topic and add a minimum number of likes to ensure that the content we get in return is relevant and popular.
If we want to make the search even narrower, we could add a date formula to get only the tweets published in 2023.
This is what it would look like:
Topic” min_faves:N since:yyyy-mm-dd until:yyyy-mm-dd
This is what we get 👇
notion image
Here we can see two viral threads about AI Tools so we can start our research.
And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

#2 - Use advanced search to find the top tweets from a specific user

My favorite way to use advanced search is to get the top tweets from any Twitter account.
As an example, let's look at Codie Sanchez.
We want to see her all-time tweets that have at least over 2000 likes and 500 RTs.
We will paste this in the search bar:
from:user min_faves:N min_retweets:N
The result 👇
notion image
Using this method, you can discover what the best content creators in your niche do with their own content.
Tweet Hunter pro tip You can access these even faster with Twemex, a free browser extension for Twitter that automatically surfaces the most interesting tweets from anyone.

#3 Find what a specific creator said about a specific topic

The advanced search feature doesn't stop there. You may want to know what a certain creator thinks about a particular topic.
We can try this with Justin Welsh and “course sales ”.
The formula: topic from:name -filter:replies
Result 👇
notion image
There's a filter for replies that keeps his replies to others out, but you can remove it if you want.


With Twitter's advanced search, you can find relevant and useful content to inspire you. Learn from top creators' best practices and create content that appeals to your audience.
If you want to master advanced search, you can start with the basics here and then return to this article. And don’t forget to check Twemex!

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