10 Fill-In-The-Blank Thread Hook templates (Part IV)

10 more Twitter Thread hook templates that you can start using right away

10 Fill-In-The-Blank Thread Hook templates (Part IV)
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10 more Twitter Thread hook templates that you can start using right away
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10 Fill-In-The-Blank Thread Hook templates (Part IV)
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If you're anything like me, you probably spend a good chunk of your day scrolling through your Twitter feed.
And let's admit it, we've all fallen down the rabbit hole of an intriguing Twitter thread that keeps us hooked for hours on end. But have you ever wondered what makes some threads so irresistible?
Well, this can only be the magic of Twitter thread hooks.
The problem is that writing a good hook, the one that reels you in and never lets you go, is hard. That’s why at Tweet Hunter, we’ve been working hard to pick up on the best threads out there, analyze their hooks and templatize them for you.
We have already written three articles with a total of 29 templates (Part I, Part II and Part III). But there’s always room for more.
Let’s dive in!

#1 - 2 weeks old

AI is a hot topic right now, so any content related to it does very well. When paired with curation, it has viral potential, and that’s what Dan leverages here.
This hook will work especially well with trending topics since it leverages a time element (release date) to add urgency.
The template: (Hot topic) is (time since release) Here are (N) ways it can change (life, work, productivity…)

#2 - Demystify complex topics

Another great way to get attention is to demystify complex topics.
In this thread, Codie talks about buying land (really complex) and making money with it (even more complex).
By adding the line "Anyone can do it,” she completes the hook.
In some cases, things are simpler than they seem.
If you have specific knowledge about something most people perceive as really hard, this approach could be your golden ticket to virality.
The template: You can (achieve something that feels difficult) And here’s how anyone can do it:

#3 - RIP

RIP video editors.
The line was sure to garner a ton of engagement.
There are a lot of people who oppose AI for creative purposes, as you probably know. The first line triggers them. It's clear from some of the replies to the tweet.
However, this also sparks a discussion that draws more attention to Rowan's tweet.
Now hot takes are risky. It's really easy to get some negative backlash, so be very careful if you go this route.
We've warned you!
The template: RIP (industry/career) (Introduce WHAT is disrupting that career)

#4 - X is the new smoking

3 reasons made this thread super viral
  • Counter-narrative statement_ The first sentence is such a strong statement that you can’t help but keep reading.
  • “That’s me”: That’s what you think after reading this. Most of us sit for more than 6h a day! It gets you hooked.
  • The antidote: then the writer continues and presents his thread as the solution. He gets you scared that you are “ruining your health” but then says, “hey, don’t worry, I got the solution.”
The template: (Topic) is the new smoking Here are (N) (exercises, tips, tricks…) to reverse the damages of (Topic):

#5 - The most useful

Taking advantage of trending topics is a great way to attract more viewers to your content.
Everyone is talking about AI right now.
The hook worked because he shared something people are talking about (AI and ChatGPT) and gave some actionable advice (the best prompts).
This hook virtually applies to almost any topic out there.
The template: The most useful (tips, prompts, advice) on (trending topic)

#6 - Every tip I have

This hook works because of three reasons:
  • The specificity grabs the attention of people looking for weight loss tips (drop 25 lbs in 90 days)
  • It also presents a tangible benefit (drop 25 lbs). Something the reader can picture.
  • Promise of value: The author promises to share “every tip I have”, which makes the reader feel this thread is going to be value packed.
This is a hook that can also be applied to multiple topics. The important thing to remember is to be very specific about the transformation you’ll help people achieve after they read your post.
The template: Every tip I have to help you (achieve audience transformation)

#7 - This simple thing

The hook promises that a 6-minute warm-up routine has the potential to "change your life." This bold claim immediately captures attention and piques curiosity.
Also, by highlighting that the routine only takes 6 minutes, Dan tackles a common concern people may have (adding a new daily routine).
This is a very simple but powerful hook.
The template: This (short time span) routine will change your life:

#8 - The breakdown

I like this thread hook because how what we can call “Objection exclusion.” He paints something most of us are interested in achieving (add 50k followers in 12 days), then proceeds to refute any possible objection the reader might have with the bullet points.
Something worth mentioning about this thread, too, is the casual tone. It feels more authentic because the tone is less engineered (even if it clearly follows a template).
The template: Spoke/Just heard about (person) who just (achieved something remarkable) - Objection 1 - Objection 2 - Objection 3 The strategy is so simple that you can implement it today Here’s the breakdown:

#9 - Borrowing Authority

Borrowing credibility is a great attention grabber. That’s where authoritative figures come in. You could share your 10 best business lessons, or you can share the 10 best business lessons from Phil Knight, the Nike founder.
In this case, despite Chase being an authoritative figure in the Email Marketing world, with this hook he “borrows” authority from somewhere else: the best brands in the business.
This template will allow you to do the same.
The template: N (topic) examples from (authoritative figure) Replicate these to get more (audience goal):

#10 - Credibility booster

Steve’s first line establishes authority. He has hired “hundreds” in his career, which adds credibility to what comes next.
Then the hook claims to provide 9 tips that will "instantly" set individuals apart from other candidates. This promise of immediate impact captures attention and appeals to people who want to stand out from the competition quickly and effectively.
This hook is better used when you have a ton of knowledge about something and want to give tips to others.
The template: I’ve (a statement that implies credibility) Here are (N) tips that will *instantly* separate you from everybody else:

There’s more than hooks to Twitter success

Despite how important hooks are to draw the audience’s attention, it takes more than a good hook to make it on Twitter.
There’s no point in writing an amazing thread that drives traffic to your profile if you don’t do anything with that traffic. That’s why you need an optimized follower funnel and a strategy to convert these new followers into email subscribers.
Pair that with some of these templates, and Twitter growth just became a little bit easier for you.

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