How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Email List

Twitter is the best social platform to transfer followers into email subscribers. Let’s explore 3 different ways on how you can do it.

How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Email List
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Twitter is the best social platform to transfer followers into email subscribers. Let’s explore 3 different ways on how you can do it.
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How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Email List
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They say that when you build an audience on social media you are building on “rented grounds”, meaning that you don’t really own the audience that you are building.
And it’s true. If your Twitter account gets suspended or "hacked tomorrow, you could lose it all.
This is Platform Risk and it’s something that, as creators, we need to be aware of.
That’s why one of the most common pieces of advice I’ve heard for both new and seasoned creators is “build your email list.”
Email is as close as you can get to owning your audience.
But the question is, how can you build that email list?
Twitter is probably the social platform with the best alignment when it comes to transferring followers to email subscribers.
In today’s article, we’ll learn 3 ways how you can funnel more people into your email list using Twitter.
Let’s dive in!

0 - Have an email list

To funnel people into an email ist well, you need to have one (Duh).
If you are starting out, don’t overcomplicate it, pick one with a generous free plan (they usually make you pay depending on your subscriber count, but it’s free up to a certain number) and build a simple subscription form.
The next step is to make it somehow obvious on your profile that you have an email list, even if you don’t mention it.
People visiting your profile might get curious and end up subscribing just because the link is there.
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Don’t underestimate the power of a strong follower funnel.

1 - Plug your newsletter at the end of a thread

But just having the link there won’t do it to grow your list. You need to be active in promoting it.
The first and simplest way is to plug it in whenever it makes sense. And on Twitter, one of those places is at the end of the thread.
By now, you’ve probably seen that this is a very common standard practice among bigger Twitter creators.
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When you write a thread, especially if it’s good, you build what it’s known as Reciprocity. That means that your audience feels compelled to “return the favor” after they have been given something of value.
And what’s one of the best ways of giving value on Twitter?

2 - Auto Plug + Twitter Card

Now this “plug” can either be done by hand when writing a tweet or a thread, or it can be totally automated (with Tweet Hunter).
All that you need is for the "main tweet" to get to a certain number of likes. When that condition is met, Tweet Hunter will plug a second tweet under the original one.
The setup is super easy to make. You just need to go to Tweet hunter’s composer and open the advanced settings toggle.
In there, click on the auto plug feature, set your conditions and the content of the plug, and that’s it!
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These Auto plugs can also be customized, so you can have one for every situation. Some people direct others to their newsletters, products, or offers.
It's a great way to get subscribers and sales on autopilot.
PS: If you want to read about more automation to help you grow on Twitter, check this article.

Pro tip: Have a great Twitter Card

Here’s the thing: when you share a link on Twitter, the platform generates what’s known as a Twitter Card.
That card is basically a summary of the link that you are sharing, with an image, and sometimes a CTA button.
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Twitter Cards are great for promoting stuff, especially newsletter signups.
When you share a link to your newsletter on Twitter and have a good Twitter Card, not only are you more likely to get clicks, but also signups!
A little tip to increase clicks I learned is to add a button (it’s not a real button) to the image that you are sharing.
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Why not give it a try?

3 - Auto DM + Lead Magnet

You can think of a lead magnet as a “bribe” you offer in exchange for someone's email address. And you offer it for free because what matters here is that you get your target’s email (remember Platform Risk ☢️)
It’s often a PDF guide, an ebook, a short video course, a checklist…anything that your audience can find valuable.
What you would normally do to share it is put up a simple landing page and tweet something like, “Hey, I have this lead magnet. If you want it, check this link”.
The problem with this strategy is that you are capping your reach when sharing a link directly on the Twitter feed (Twitter doesn’t want people leaving the platform), and let’s face it, you probably won’t get much engagement.
So what do we do? Here’s where Tweet Hunter comes in.
Tweet Hunter has an “Auto DM” feature that’s perfect for this type of situation.
You can find it next to the Auto Plug feature, and the way it works is really similar.
You need to set certain conditions that the user needs to meet for them to get the DM. Once that’s done, you just need to write the DM they’ll get and add the link to your lead magnet.
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Here’s an example from our very own JK Molina👇
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He recorded an 11-minute video as a lead magnet, then asked people to comment “30k” on the tweet and sent them an automated DM using Tweet Hunter.
It got 480 replies, which are 480 new email subscribers — Just from an 11-minute video.
I would say that’s a pretty good ROI!

Moving forward

In the end, I think that the biggest takeaways are:
Most people won’t subscribe to your email list by osmosis. The only way for them to do it is by you putting it right in their face. What we’ve covered in today’s article are the tried and tested ways to do that on Twitter.
Start protecting your audience now. Avoid platform risk and start protecting your audience now. Build that email ist!

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