25 Of Our Favorite Viral Tweets Of The Month

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Jason Mustian
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From witty jokes about Wordle and the whole Russia invading Ukraine thing to heartwarming pet pics, the people of Twitter never failed to make the world just a little bit better as February 2022 unfolded.

Here are some of our favorite viral Tweets from last month, converted to images automagically with the TweetPik web app and WordPress Plugin.

1. But in Chinese characters, naturally.

"What do your tattoos mean?" That I had $200 and no one stopped me
Tweeted by @mariamainmo . See the original tweet .

2. I’ll have another round of soup please.

they should make soup that gets you drunk
Tweeted by @tubbbutter . See the original tweet .

3. We would never make you use HEIC on TweetPik. We’re not a**holes.

I’m sorry but what is .HEIC and why did Apple make it the most difficult photo format
Tweeted by @emailfromnaomi . See the original tweet .

4. Nothing to see here.

me when i open the google doc and my editor is in there making changes https://t.co/Y9O4hXB1ju
Tweeted by @hannahlchinn . See the original tweet .

5. Admit it, you paid $2 for a ringone of “Yeah!” by Usher

funny tweet - go to meal is an onion

6. Who knew that a mere 6 years later this person would be Kanye West’s greatest enemy.

7. So many 2’s.

8. Does Russia not know that it’s a bad thing to start a war?

9. I learned something from this actually.


When you ask me how I'm doing and I say "I'm functioning" this is what I mean https://t.co/lzflqv8tLq
Tweeted by @mcapriglioneart . See the original tweet .


12. 🤣

Damn https://t.co/X2RNb4rlJm
Tweeted by @rawkalesalad . See the original tweet .

13. She may have a shopping addiciton.


funny tweet - is wordle getting harder
Via RuinMyWeek


I’m crying im so happy for them https://t.co/FdH9dAEhjI
Tweeted by @mmiicckkkeeyyy . See the original tweet .



18. Yippie kay ciao!

19. Much to think about.


Duolingo watching me do the wordle every day https://t.co/GyGpDZcFkl
Tweeted by @LLcoolscharf . See the original tweet .



23. What are dogs so stressed about anyway?

my dog sighs a lot for somebody who doesn’t contribute to this house or know what a government is
Tweeted by @cottoncandaddy . See the original tweet .


25. It’s no surprise to me, I am my own worst enemy.

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