How (And Why)To Create A LinkedIn Carousel Using TweetPik

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Yes, yes, we know, LinkedIn kinda sucks, and at this point has almost become a parody of itself. But, like it or not, it’s probably still the best place on the internet to build your personal or professional brand.

Why? Well, first, because it’s built for business. 97% of B2B marketers say they have the most success marking their products with LinkedIn. Which makes sense, right? It’s not where you really go to reconnect with your old high-school girlfriend, it’s where you go to do biz. Simple self-selection.

Second, since it’s built for business, ads tend to perform better on LinkedIn. LinkedIn ads can boost a brand’s purchase intent by 33%. By advertising on LinkedIn, brands may witness a 2-3x improvement in their brand attributes. Marketers can achieve up to 2x higher conversion rates on LinkedIn, and audiences exposed to branding and acquisition messages on the platform are 6x more likely to convert.

Third, and to the point of making the LinkedIn carousels, it’s not (yet) overrun by the “Here are 5 ChatGPT businesses you can run while cold-plunging” thread boys like Twitter, so there’s a much bigger opportunity for growth because, fun story, carousels get more reach on LinkedIn!

Now, I’m not much of a LinkedIn user, but I recently heard writer, investor, and social media growth hack superstar Sahil Bloom makes his LinkedIn carousels using TweetPik, so naturally that got my attention.

On an episode of the popular podcast My First Million, Sahil runs down a list of profitable business ideas, which include starting a small LinkedIn agency because, as he puts it, there’s just a “massive growth opportunity here” in terms of arbitrage.

Sahil’s top method for hacking LinkedIn growth? Using TweetPik to turn fire Twitter threads into high-performing LinkedIn PDF carousels.


When it comes to hacking growth for his hypothetical LinkedIn agency, Bloom says “The way I would do it go to someone who has a Twitter presence and offer to create a TweetPik, which is the service I use, and you can basically just turn tweets that are proven with social proof into carousels an offer to post it for them.”

But it also works if you’re just trying to amplify your own tweets and increase your LI presence! The sky is the limit here.

How (and why) do I make a LinkedIn Carousel using TweetPik?

Following Sahil’s tip, we’ve recently enabled turning Twitter threads into PDFs, and in this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to use TweetPik to make eye-catching slideshows that your professional network will love.

Why Are LinkedIn Carousels Worth Your Time?

Before we dive into the creation process, let’s chat about why LinkedIn carousels are, as the kids say, DOING NUMBERS on social.

With an LI carousel, you can:

  • Showcase multiple tweets in one post
  • Share a series of ideas in a visually appealing way
  • Boost engagement with interactive content that seems to be favored by the LinkedIn algorithm by a factor of as much as 2.8x
  • Make your LinkedIn feed more dynamic and interesting

Not bad, right? Now let’s get to the fun part—making your very own carousel.

Step 1: Choose the Perfect Tweets for Your Carousel

There’s no secret trick for content selection anyone can actually tell you but there are themes that seem tried and true across social channels, and great LinkedIn carousels are no exception. When trying to pick which threads to turn into PDF carousels, here are some helpful questions to ask:

  • Does my thread follow a theme or tell a story? A carousel of “Harsh Truths I Know At 32 I Wish I Knew At 22” is a great example of a list carousel that lends itself to a new insight on each page. It creates a curiosity gap for the reader to keep going, while also making it easier to digest since we tend to only be able to take in so much information at a time. The same goes for stories that can be broken down by sharing a little in each frame.
  • Choose threads where each page can become its own separate conversation. Engagement on any post is the goal, but carousels allow you to give your audience a lot of content to digest and an easy way to comment on a part that relates to them specifically. For example, a comment like “My personal take on #17 – I have never been able to successfully wake up before 6 AM” gives other readers a subtle cue to read page 17 of your carousel to see if they agree with it, or if they have something to add. This compounds the engagement process giving readers multiple entry points for any number of interesting sub-conversations in the comments.
  • Make sure it’s valuable content. Remember, quality over quantity. Your carousel should be informative and engaging, not a dumping ground for every tweet you’ve ever sent. This seems like a no-brainer but we’ve all seen 50,000 threads about businesses you can build off ChatGPT where the suggestion is like “A LinkedIn consulting agency” as if you couldn’t come up with that on your own. Actionable insights and authenticity will always win the day here, and the more you lean into that the less likely it is you’ll kill the golden goose of LinkedIn carousels by priming your audience to ignore yours.

Step 2: Automatically Design and Assemble your Carousel Using TweetPik’s homepage editor.

Now that you’ve got your tweet lineup, it’s time to make our post.

Since we’ve been talking about him, let’s use one of Sahil Bloom’s popular tweet threads as an example:

He recently posted a PDF version of this thread to LinkedIn with TweetPik, where it’s gotten over 3,000 interactions if you want proof that this method works.


TweetPik makes this 10-tweet thread instantly available in PDF form by simply pasting the Tweet URL into the screenshot field like this:

convert tweets and tweet threads to PDFs using tweetpik

After you paste your URL, it’s time to select which Tweets you’d like to make part of your PDF, like this:

Select Tweets from thread screen - tweetpik

Next, it’s time to design your carousel. TweetPik makes it easy to use our preset themes or customize your design to practically any specification you can think of. For our purposes, I’ll use the default “Instagram feed” dimension and white background Tweet look.

Simply apply your design settings, or let TweetPik auto-fit the content, then select the PDF option from the dropdown menu, then click download.

download PDFs of tweets and tweet threads from tweetpik

When it’s all done you should have a beautiful LinkedIn post ready to go.

Alternatively, if you want to be able to create carousels from tweets but also a variety of other inputs like Reddit posts or images, you can head over to Taplio’s free carousel generator.

From there all you have to do is go to your LinkedIn profile and follow these instructions:

  1. Click Start a post.
  2. Click the Document icon.
  3. Click Choose file to select a document from your computer. …
  4. Select the file that you want to upload (choose one).
  5. Add a title to your document.
  6. Add a description to the post. …
  7. Click Post.

And there you have it— a complete guide to creating LinkedIn carousels using TweetPik. Armed with these tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to DOING NUMBERS over on LI. Happy carousel-ing!

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