15 Video Tweets That Went Viral In 2021 — And For Good Reason

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Jason Mustian
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Ask me how 2021 has already blown past us and I’ll tell you: when you’re having fun spending all of your time Twitter reading Tweets, or working on TweetPik itself, time flies!

As that time was flying though, and while seeing hilarious video tweets creep into our timelines, Bruno and I had a great idea: what if users could use TweetPik to create Twitter screenshots of videos too?

So we got to work thinking about how we might help Instagram users who otherwise have to use FinalCut or Photoshop to make video screenshots. Or how to help blog users who want to show static MP4 files instead of Twitter embeds.

Well, may I present the fruits of that labor, in the form of some of our favorite viral Tweet videos from 2021, all formatted automatically with our Twitter Video Screenshot tool! Check it out by subscribing to our PRO plan today.

1. This poor guy who mistakenly got his car vandalized.


2. This, the greatest TikTok of 2021.


3. The best passenger shaming of all time, not just 2021.


4. Whatever this creepy Vin Diesel clone army is doing:


5. This solid Scooby Doo reference.


6. This house of fun mirror effect made soccer actually enjoyable to watch for some Americans.


7. This psychedelic experience.


8. This video clip pretty much nails gender studies majors.


9. This country bear jamboree!


10. This clip of DJ Khalid absolutely SHREDDING the guitar.


11. This brutal takedown of TikTok “hack” videos.


12. This unfortunate but hilarious Zoom fail.

13. This kind of weird choice for back-to-back scenes.


14. After being asked to apologize to Brittany, this is next on JT’s list…


15. This gift reaction that…well…

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