Effective Twitter Marketing Strategies

If you have a strong following on Twitter, you can leverage it to start earning money by selling your digital products.

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If you have a strong following on Twitter, you can leverage it to start earning money by selling your digital products.
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Effective Twitter marketing strategy to get you selling in 2023
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If you have a strong following on Twitter, you can leverage it to start earning money by selling your digital products.
With millions of active users, Twitter is the perfect place to find the right audience for your digital products.
With the right Twitter marketing strategy, you can increase the sales of your products through a channel you are already using.
From paid ads and influencer marketing to buying RTs, we’ll talk about what works and what doesn’t when selling products on Twitter.
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Why Sell Your Digital Products on Twitter

Before we talk about how to create a Twitter marketing strategy, let’s talk about why using Twitter for selling digital products makes sense.
Twitter is a thriving social media platform with 217 million. The platform is used by large businesses and solopreneurs to increase their reach and improve their brand image.
Twitter provides you access to a huge, untapped market for your digital products. It is easier for potential customers to interact with you directly. It is even easier for you to find the perfect target customer for your product and provide them with something of value.

What to Sell on Twitter?

If you have a product of your own, it is easy to sell online through Twitter. Digital products tend to be well-suited for selling on this platform. Here are a few examples of what you can sell:
  • Online courses
  • eBooks
  • Notion Templates
If you are an entrepreneur selling your expertise, Twitter is a great platform to showcase your skill set and find your next customer. Some examples of what you can offer your target customers in this category are:
  • Private guitar lessons
  • Accounting help
  • Workout plans
  • Life coaching membership
  • Career coaching services
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Best Twitter Marketing Strategy for Digital Products

Selling your digital products can seem like a complicated, daunting process. It doesn’t have to be. There is no right or wrong Twitter marketing strategy but here are our top tips on selling on Twitter:

Build a Strong Profile

To sell on your Twitter effectively, you will need to put in the time to create a killer, visually attractive profile.
Use your logo and a professional cover photo so your personal brand visuals will be clear. Another important part of the puzzle is your bio. Level up your Twitter bio so your target customers know exactly who you are and what you sell.
Top Tip: Use Twitter Shopping features like “Shop Spotlight” to display a carousel of your top products and a “shop now” button.
GIF animation taken from Twitter
GIF animation taken from Twitter
Advertise your product at the top of your profile through the “Pinned Tweet” feature.

Build Your Following

If you want your products to sell more, it is important to grow your Twitter audience. One of the best Twitter marketing strategies is to be active on the platform, post consistently, and post at the right time.
Tweet Hunter’s 35-minute growth framework shows you how you can grow your following on Twitter without having to spend all day on the platform.


Network on Twitter to boost engagement and build your audience. Respond to tweets, answer questions, pay compliments, and generally make yourself visible on the platform. Host Q&A sessions about your products to build trust and interest.
Does buying RTs help you increase sales? The answer is no. Instead, focus on building genuine connections with people on the platform.
Use influencer marketing to your advantage. Connecting with influencers can increase the visibility of your products exponentially.

Share Relevant Content

The content you post on Twitter shouldn’t always be about your digital products. Instead, share helpful, valuable content that your users might be interested in. Get more eyes on your profile by sharing something relevant.
If you’re not sure what to post, Tweet Hunter can help you become a content machine.

Use Paid Ads

Promote your digital products to your ideal audience through paid ads. Through ads, you can reach people that don’t currently follow you. Create a visually powerful ad, choose your target audience and you’re all set!

Leverage Twitter Lists

Another great Twitter marketing strategy is to use Twitter Lists. Create separate lists of your potential customers, current customers, and other influencers. Use these lists to dish out relevant content and network efficiently.

Use Analytics

To know whether your marketing efforts are paying off or you need to change your approach, you’ll need Twitter Analytics. This will allow you to see if your content is performing well, account engagement, and much more. Keep tweaking your strategy and see how it changes the results.
If you are looking for more advanced features, Tweet Hunter has detailed analytics so you can keep growing your following on Twitter. Try it for free.

Get More Twitter Followers

Tweet Hunter helps you build, grow, and monetize your Twitter audience through tools that drive sales.

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