How To Increase The Reach Of Your Tweets

16 actionable tips on how to increase the reach of your tweets. 3 minutes to read for a 10x impact on your tweets.

How To Increase The Reach Of Your Tweets
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16 actionable tips on how to increase the reach of your tweets. 3 minutes to read for a 10x impact on your tweets.
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How To Increase The Reach Of Your Tweets
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We all want our tweets to reach more people. Either to:
  • Get more followers
  • Make more money
  • Share our ideas with more people
  • Get more leads and grow our business
  • Or to simply share our ideas with more people
There are many ways to do so, but let’s start with the basics: you have to write better tweets.
In today’s post, we analyzed thousands of tweets posted daily on Tweet Hunter and discovered a few very interesting trends.
We have put together a list of 16 tips to increase the reach of your tweets that we would like to share with you.
Let’s dive in!

Mindset rules for Twitter

Before we get into tactical writing tips, there are a few things you need to know about how Twitter works. By acknowledging these things, not only will you increase the reach of your tweets, but it will make your Twitter experience better as well.

Be consistent with showing up every day with your content.

This is one-half of the Twitter growth equation.

Be consistent with showing up every day to talk to others.

This is the other half of the Twitter growth equation.

Twitter is not a broadcasting platform, it’s a social one.

Use Twitter as a place to join conversations, not shout out your thoughts.
That engagement will increase the reach of your tweets (as the ones that are not your followers will see your tweets because of you joining those conversations).

To get more reach on your tweets, stop trying to get more reach on your tweets.

Instead, try to make your content as helpful as possible. And the reach will “magically” happen.

Jab, jab, jab, right hook.

In Twitter terms, give, give, give, and then ask. If you are constantly asking, you won’t get anything.
Nevertheless, if you focus your Twitter efforts on giving (free value), you can occasionally ask and your audience will support you.
“Can you RT this tweet?”, for example. It’s an easy way to reach more people.
Final reminder: It’s social media, not sales media.

Find a group of peers on a similar journey to you and support each other.

Get together in a chat group. Like and RT each other’s content, as long as the intent is genuine and not purely for the likes. These people will be your support network.

Create specific value for a specific group of people.

People might follow you for your amazing marketing takes. However, if you constantly post pictures of your launch, they will likely unfollow you.
You can share a daily life update from time to time. If you do so every day, your tweet’s reach will suffer.
You can always “niche up” later.

Curate your feed

What you consume influences how you think and what content you put out there. Take the time to curate your feed and you’ll see your content 📈📈📈

Writing tips

Now that we established those rules, let’s get into the actual writing tips that will make your tweets get more reach.

Use blank space and style your tweets.

Take a look at this tweet👇🏻
notion image
Now take a look at this one 👇🏻
notion image
The content is exactly the same. But the difference lies in how the tweet is formatted.
The use of blank space and a more readable format makes the tweet instantly 2x better and more likely to increase its reach.
Always take this into account when putting your tweets together.

Make your writing human

  • Don’t talk like a robot.
  • Use contractions
  • Don’t use verbose words (verbose is a word you definitely should not use)
In short, make your writing simple and easy to understand. Write it like you are writing for a 12-year-old, not a Harvard Ph.D.
“Wow, that tweet has amazing grammar,” said no one ever.

Make your tweets short

Short tweets are often impactful, well-packaged ideas. And those are viral ideas.
Write the first draft. Then try to cut as many words out while keeping the same meaning. Your tweets will instantly be better.

Use alliterations

Alliterations are, according to Wikipedia the “repetition of identical initial consonant sounds in successive or closely associated syllables within a group of words”.
In simpler words, it’s the repetition of words or structures to make a tweet easier to read and remember.

Share your transformative journey

Add the personal touch. Everyone can tweet about marketing or design.
No one can do it like you.
Pro tip: If when you share your story, you do it from a transformation standpoint, you’ll get people on your side. We talked about it in the Tweet Hunter newsletter. Read it here.

Dump first. Edit later

If you are currently struggling to write good tweets it’s because you are trying to make them perfect from the get-go. But you are doing it wrong.
You should first empty your mind of ideas (dump) and then come back later (hours or even days) to edit them.
A fresh pair of eyes is a tweet writer’s best friend!

Before we leave… A few more tips to help your tweets get more reach by using Tweet Hunter

Avoid burning out by scheduling content

By now, you might have noticed that being consistent on Twitter is key. Creating and posting content every day, however, can quickly wear you out.
For most, creating daily is just too stressful. Here’s a simple solution: schedule your content.
The best creators often create their content in batches (once a week or even once a month) and use tools like Tweet Hunter to schedule their content in advance.

Use the auto RT feature

One of the key features at Tweet Hunter is the auto-RT. A feature that allows you to automatically RT your tweet after a set number of hours. This is super helpful to reach more people in different time zones.
9 AM in NYC is not 9 AM in Mumbai. You can now reach both audiences at the same time.
A few other things that will help increase the reach of your tweets are how to craft a compelling Twitter profile and these 8 tweet templates that always work.

Repurpose your content

Learn how to become a content machine and use your old content as new by repurposing it. Learn how to do our with our step-by-step guide to repurposing content.
That’s it!
Remember, you need to actually start writing tweets if you want to become better at it and reach a larger audience.
Think of tweet writing as a workout. The more you do it, the more your tweeting muscle will grow!

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