Twitter Ad Revenue Share - Myth or Real? How to Earn From Twitter Ad Revenue

Earn from Verified Impressions: Explore Twitter/X Ad Revenue Sharing for content creators.

Twitter Ad Revenue Share - Myth or Real? How to Earn From Twitter Ad Revenue
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Twitter Ad Revenue Sharing Explained: How verified creators earn from ad impressions on Twitter/X.
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Twitter Ad Revenue Share - Myth or Real? How to Earn From Twitter Ad Revenue
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Ever since Elon took over Twitter, so many controversial developments have occurred both within the company and for its users.
From laying off staff and cutting down its team size by an outrageous number to changing the model for Twitter Blue subscription and changing Twitter’s name to X, the company has experienced a lot of setbacks.
Just a few months ago, Twitter users pushed back at the idea of paying $8 monthly to access exclusive features on Twitter. The tide is changing as Twitter, now X tries to sweeten the deal for Twitter blue subscribers.
Recently, Elon announced the plan to start paying content creators (Twitter Blue subscribers) Ad revenue share as he had promised earlier to help creators earn a living from Twitter.
This is an excellent move to help creators earn a living. However, many users are skeptical about the long-term plan of this model. They can see behind the curtain Musk's intention to get many people subscribed to Twitter Blue to increase the advertising revenue generated on Twitter as it is declining fast.
The big question is; what exactly does Twitter Ad revenue share mean, why have there been controversies around its earning eligibility, and how can you earn from it?
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Elon’s Unbelievable Promise on Twitter Ad Sharing

In February, Elon Musk promised to start paying creators a share of Twitter’s Ad revenue.
While this was met with a lot of jokes and disbelief when he mentioned, he gave details more recently that the first batch of payouts which amounts to $5 million, will be disbursed.
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He kept to his word, and funds were disbursed.

What is Twitter Ad Revenue sharing?

Twitter/X Ad revenue share is a new feature now made available to Twitter creators to monetize their content on Twitter.
Twitter/X ad share revenue allows verified creators to share revenue from verified users' organic impressions of ads displayed in replies to the content they post on the platform.
Although the precise approach for calculating reimbursements and the portion retained by Twitter is not entirely clear, meeting a threshold impression is essential for account holders. They must have accumulated a minimum of 5 million impressions on their tweets in the last three months to be eligible for participation.
This condition guarantees that creators who meet the criteria have attained a specific degree of engagement and visibility before engaging in the revenue-sharing program.
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How to make money from the Twitter Ad revenue share scheme

Twitter Ad share revenue is only available to users who have met these three eligibility criteria.
  1. You must be subscribed to X premium or be a verified organization
  1. Have at least 5 million impressions on cumulative posts within the last three months
  1. Have at least 500 followers
To apply for the Ad revenue share, go to settings, then monetization, and turn on the Ad revenue share option.
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You’ll be required to connect your Stripe account to process your payout. Also, you must adhere to Twitter Revenue T&C, which includes not sharing sexual content and being available in the countries where the program is active.

Why the Ad Revenue share scheme is controversial

Twitter users woke up to the news that some creators were paid some money. Many users shared screenshots of being paid; some were not real.
Some popular, controversial creators have also come out to claim they got paid; for instance, Andrew Tate tweeted that he received $20,379, which he donated to his Tate charity foundation.
Also getting Twitter payments were Brian Krassenstein ($24,305) and Ed Krassenstein ($24,877), entrepreneurs who initially rose to prominence on the platform with their relentless anti-Trump tweets.
A few controversies have occurred due to this event. For instance, the initial threshold impression stated by Elon was 15 million, which was later reduced to 5 million even though it is still 15 million on Twitter/X official legal site.
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Also, the "Internet Hall of Fame" account, which has 1.9 million followers and describes itself as highlighting the "best of the internet," posted a screenshot claiming to have received $107,274.
The account has amassed its vast following by posting screenshots of other viral posts, often with a humorous comment.
However, Oliver Alexander, an open-source intelligence analyst, noted in a tweet that heavily rewarding the account seems to contradict Twitter owner Elon Musk saying that accounts predicated on "theft" would be demonetized.
This “favoring of accounts” goes against the T & C in the Ad revenue share policy, where accounts without original content will be penalized.

Testimonials from Twitter users on Revenue share

Here’s a list of popular accounts on Twitter posting that they’ve received money from Twitter.
1- Andrew Tate tweets that his revenue share will go to his charity foundation.
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2-, an indie builder, tweeted the amount he got paid.
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3- Popular Youtube creator Mr. Beast also made a Tweet that he got paid from Twitter. Mr. Beast intends to gift it to the winner of the challenge he recently made.
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What is the future of Twitter Ad revenue share?

The future of the Twitter/X Ad revenue share is uncertain. One thing is sure, Elon wants to keep creators hooked on Twitter as there is a tough competitor out already; Threads by Instagram.
Reducing the impression requirement from 15 million to 5 million makes it much more worthwhile to try and subscribe to Twitter Blue.
While many have gone on the platform to make jokes about making a full-time profession being a Twitter content creator, the reality is that it could be if the percentage share users receive for their impressions is fair and worth it.
The downside of this, which we’re currently experiencing, is the rave to tweet anything for engagement and impressions, which might bring chaos to Twitter's social setting.

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Twitter Ad revenue share program will be around for a while as it is a win-win for both Twitter/X and the creators on the platform.
If you are a creator or looking for new ways to earn money from Twitter, you need to get your Blue tick and get on the Creator side to earn as a creator on Twitter.
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