How To Create The Perfect Twitter Header: 5 examples

We explore the 5 elements that make a good Twitter Header, why it matters plus 5 examples

How To Create The Perfect Twitter Header: 5 examples
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We explore the 5 elements that make a good Twitter Header, why it matters plus 5 examples
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How To Create The Perfect Twitter Header: 5 examples
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This is how the process of getting a new follower usually looks like:
  • Someone sees your tweet or reply
  • They click on it and go to your profile
  • They check the profile picture
  • Then they check your header
  • Then they read your bio
  • Then, they probably check your pinned tweet
And finally, they decide if they want to follow you or not.
All of this process happens in a matter of seconds. Every one of these needs to be optimized to have a strong follower funnel.
Most creators focus their efforts on crafting a very good bio and on their profile pic.
And while those are probably the two most important elements to convert someone into a follower, there’s a third one most people overlook: Your Twitter Header.

Why is it important to have a great Twitter Header?

It's no secret that your profile picture and bio are the highlight of your profile.
It's what people see first. But trust-building (and getting followers) is much more likely to happen if paired with a strong header.
A good banner also shows that you are treating your profile as a pro. It’s the perfect complement to a high-converting profile.
Now, there’s no right or wrong way to approach headers. Every person has their own way of communicating, and that is often reflected in the header.
But there are a few elements that good banners have in common.

The 5 elements that make a good Twitter Header

After analyzing tens of Twitter headers, we’ve identified the following patterns they all share:
  1. Consistency with your profile: Your banner needs to complement your profile picture and overall aesthetic. If your profile picture is blue and your header red…well, it can hurt someone’s eyes.
  1. Relevant message: Headers are more than just a place to put a pretty picture. It’s the perfect spot to include a concise and impactful message that communicates your value proposition.
  1. Call to action (CTA): Most headers include a CTA that leads new audience members to perform one action, such as following or visiting a website.
  1. Simplicity: The best headers are simple. Remember that we are trying to convince someone to follow us in a matter of seconds. Avoid clutter and keep the design clean for better readability.
  1. Friendly design layout: The best headers are designed so every element fits perfectly. You also need to take into account that most people use Twitter on mobile, so your header needs to be optimized for the different screen sizes.
Great Twitter headers have these common elements but above all, they need to captivate the audience and reflect the personality and the values of the account owner.
Let’s jump now into some examples of great Twitter headers.

5 examples of great Twitter Headers

#1 - Chris - The Brand Jester

notion image
Chris Baumann does a great job with his header. He offers Design and Conversion Rate Optimization services, and his banner is a great proof of it.
The colors are consistent, the message is clear and direct (and big and bold) and it has a clear call to action.

#2 - Yong-Soo Chung

notion image
Yong-Soo’s header is another example of how simplicity wins. He has three elements in there:
  • The value prop (Business growth simplified)
  • A plane flying, in line with his “First Class Founders” newsletter and podcast
  • And a plane ticket as a call to action, again very well aligned with his brand.
Everything in his profile makes sense and screams cohesion.

#3 - Sveta Bay

notion image
Sveta’s profile also goes for simplicity. One key message at the center and one call to action (follow me).
But she adds an extra element that makes it great: See that badge on the top right corner?
That’s a Golden Kitty Award, a very well-regarded prize on the indie hacking scene.
Sveta won it in 2022 and she’s not shy to show it! Smart use of social proof. It adds a layer of credibility to her profile.

#4 - Jordan Parker

notion image
I really like Jordan’s header because of four reasons:
  • Color consistency: we see the same colors on his profile pic and banner (green t-shirt, white, and orange)
  • Simple bullet points: he clarifies what you get from following him in three simple bullet points. Doesn’t get much simpler than that.
  • Credibility: Jordan also adds a tiny banner at the bottom, signaling he has over 15 years of experience. He’s not a newbie, and he wants you to know that.
  • Faces: the picture of him in the banner is looking towards the bullet points (the most important elements). His gaze is looking directly there, which helps redirect people’s attention.

#5 - Kurtis Hanni

notion image
While the visual consistency is not really there with his profile pic, I really like how Kurtis states his value proposition on his header.
He will change how you think about money, one tweet at a time. Doesn’t get clearer than that!
Then, he also adds a subtle mention of his personal site to drive people there.

How to create your Twitter Header

We are not going to get into much detail here, but here’s a visual on best practices for structuring your header👇
To put it together, you can use services like Canva, which already have pre-built templates.

You don’t need to check all the boxes

As you can see, not all of these headers follow the rules that we set above. But they do something more important: they all give away the person’s personality and vibe.
The banner might not be the most important element, but it’s a great opportunity to get creative, show a bit more of your personality, and win people’s attention.
Don’t overlook it!

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