How To Build Your Network On Twitter: Step By Step Guide

Building a strong network on Twitter is a must if you want to grow effectively. In this article, you’ll learn how to build yours, step by step.

How To Build Your Network On Twitter: Step By Step Guide
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Building a strong network on Twitter is a must if you want to grow effectively. In this article, you’ll learn how to build yours, step by step.
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How To Build Your Network On Twitter: Step By Step Guide
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There’s this popular startup saying that goes: “If you build it, they will come”
It’s also known as one of the biggest fallacies in the startup world.
It’s the same with Twitter growth. “Make good content and they’ll come” doesn’t work for Twitter.
Good content is key to growth, but there’s one element that most overlook: your network.
Most creators don’t know how to build one and, if they do, they do it all wrong.
In today’s article, we’ll share a simple method on how to build your Twitter network. Let’s dive in!

Who should you aim to network with?

Before we get into the how it’s important to know who you should look to engage with on a daily basis. These are:

1/ Large accounts in your niche

These people already have established authority and credibility. You could call them “influencers.” They have big audiences and they are thought leaders in your niche.
You want to build a relationship with them because it can lead to a ton of new opportunities and learning. Getting connected to these accounts isn’t easy, but it’s totally worth it.

2/ Peers on a similar journey

These are people just like you, in the same spot in the journey. They have the same challenges as you, the same struggles… It’s very important to stay connected to these people because they will make your support network.

3/ Your audience

No matter if big or small, it’s always wise to stay in touch with your audience. Take a look at who follows you and interact with those that seem interesting.
These people are content fuel. You should ALWAYS be talking to them.
Ask them what problems they have. Then create content that solves those problems.
You can never go wrong with that recipe.

How to Build the Network

Now that we know who to target, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of the how.

How to Network with large accounts

How to find large accounts on Twitter
To find large accounts in your niche, use Twitter’s native search feature or Tweet Hunter’s tweet search to look for specific keywords in your niche. The tools will return a list of content that’s relevant to that keyword 👇
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From that content, identify at least 2-3 accounts with a big following and that resonate with you.
Now that you’ve selected your core large accounts, take a look at who they follow and try to target at least 10 more people. Ideally, you should aim for around 10-15 of these large accounts.
How to network with large accounts on Twitter
Networking with large accounts can be done in two ways: engaging in public with their content and DMing in private.
Your first aim should be getting noticed by commenting on their content. To do this effectively, consider these three strategies:
  1. Be quick to respond by activating notifications, ensuring you're among the first to comment when they post a new tweet.
  1. Add value to your comments instead of simply saying "great post." Share personal experiences related to the content, offer additional insights, or ask thought-provoking questions that spark conversation.
  1. Avoid repeating what the big account has already said; it's not only time-wasting but also makes you look bad and risks being labeled as a "reply guy."
If you do this correctly, the large account will likely notice you and start replying to your tweets, even probably following you. Once that happens, it’s time to jump to the DMs.
We wrote an entire article on how to send DMs that don’t get ignored so follow our advice there and you should be good.

How to Network with your peers

How to find your peers on Twitter
To find your peers on Twitter, start by exploring the comment sections of the large accounts.
Look for regular commenters who contribute valuable insights, as they are likely to be in the same stage of their journey and share common goals.
Aim to connect with a few of these creators initially, but don't worry if it feels overwhelming at first. Gradually build this list up to 20-30 members.
How to network with your peers on Twitter
Networking with your peers will be easier than with large accounts.
Since they are likely in the same niche, share similar interests, and are at the same stage of their journey as you, it's easier to find common ground.
Begin by following those who seem interesting and engage with them through comments on their tweets and also on the comments they leave under the large account.
Send DMs to compliment their content and mention something specific from their bio. Focus on diving deep into these shared interests.

How to Network with your audience

How to find your audience on Twitter
Finding your audience is simple. Start by examining your followers' profiles and bios to identify those who seem most interesting to you.
Make a habit of keeping an eye on your follower list and conducting weekly check-ins to stay updated on who's there. This will help ensure that you're always aware of potential connections within your growing audience.
How to network with your audience on Twitter
Networking with your audience requires a different approach than networking with peers or large accounts.
First, getting access isn’t hard. They are already following you so in a way, they are giving you their permission for you to engage with them.
Use these interactions as opportunities to learn about their struggles and the problems they face. This valuable information can be a source of inspiration for future content.
Additionally, ask your audience why they chose to follow you, as this feedback provides insights that can help strengthen both your profile and content strategy.
In short, treat networking with your audience as a way to make your profile and content stronger.

Networking hacks: lists and Engage feature

We now have 10-15 large accounts, 20-30 peer accounts, and a few more audience members.
Managing engagement with all these people can be made easy by using Twitter lists.
To start, create three separate lists: one for large accounts, one for peers, and another for your audience.
Once you have these three lists set up, engaging with them becomes straightforward. We’ve come up with a 35-minute daily routine you can check out to guide your daily effort on Twitter.
But, although Twitter lists are one of the platform's best features, they're somewhat hidden and not very user-friendly.
That's why we developed our engage feature at Tweet Hunter to simplify the process. You can create a Twitter list and then upload it into Tweet Hunter. From there, engaging with these accounts will be way easier than doing it directly from Twitter 👇
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Unlocking Twitter Growth: Building a Strong Network

Building a network on Twitter is underrated, yet it's crucial for growth. All the top creators have thrived due to their supportive networks, whether they found or built them intentionally.
A strong network offers guidance, assistance, feedback, and any other support needed on Twitter.
Never underestimate its importance – make creating a solid network one of your main priorities when joining the platform.

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