How to 10x your Agency leads with Twitter / 𝕏 (1h per week)

Dive into value-driven strategies on social media and transform your lead-generation game in under 12 months.

How to 10x your Agency leads with Twitter / 𝕏 (1h per week)
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Discover the formula that propelled an SEO agency to 6-figure success in under a year. Unlock the power of value-driven social media strategies for optimal lead-generation
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How to get 10x more leads for your Agency with Twitter / 𝕏 (1h per week)
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As an agency owner, you want to reach the maximum number of potential clients to sell your services.
With limited time on hand, it's daunting to decide which channel to use. Is it Cold Email, Social Media Ads, or PPC?
Luckily, I found a formula that got my SEO agency to a 6-figure business in less than 12 months.
Without realizing it, I’ve been selling in easy mode by doing only one thing: providing value on social media.
And the whole thing is pretty straightforward.
Dear Padawans, pull out your notepad and start taking notes because I have a little playbook for you to level up your inbound lead-generation game.
With the help of Tweet Hunter’s AI Tools, the road to 10x your agency leads will be easier. Schedule, engage, and convert effortlessly. Try Tweet Hunter now!


  • Align Your Bio With Your Goals For Enhanced Conversions
  • Publish Valuable Content Periodically
  • How to Schedule Posts and Threads with Minimum Effort
  • My Pro-Tip For Huge Engagement With Five Minutes Of Work
  • How To Convert Your Followers Into Leads That Become Clients
See the results after applying this playbook: dozens of leads a month, only from 𝕏.
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Exciting, no?
Now, let’s put our heads down and make magic happen.

Define your niche: bio and conversion

Let people know at a glance who you are and what you sell.
Your bio can potentially convert your readers to customers, so don't skip this step.
Also, provide a link to your Calendly or agency form in the profile to make it easier for others to reach out.
And get ready for these inbound leads.
To Do: Craft a compelling bio. How? Use the following fill-in-the-blank template. Fill in the blank to craft a compelling bio: I help ____ (types of companies) ______ (do X) with ______(the work you do)
My example:
notion image
There are many other great examples:
notion image
notion image
notion image

Publish Valuable Content Periodically

I tried building an audience on Twitter for YEARS.
But I didn’t have the discipline to log in daily and publish.
My focus was killed by distractions on the same platform, which meant I couldn't sustain a long streak.
I only won against these distractions when I started scheduling my tweets. So, I suggest you also use Tweet Hunter to schedule your posts. It’ll save you dozens of hours a week.
But it also will help you ensure you follow the plan and don’t get distracted/diverted.
The following schedule tends to work well for the non-initiated, and it takes very little work:
  • 2 tweets per day
  • 1 weekly thread with the best tweets of last week
  • 1 tweet promoting your services every other day
Once you publish regularly, you'll get noticed. Your potential clients will check your bio and timeline, and getting them to follow you or join your mailing list will be easier.
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To Do: Sit for 1 hour a week to write and schedule actionable posts and threads. How? 1. Create a list of your customers' pain points. 2. Reverse-engineer these pain points and create actionable content to revert or minimize those pain points. 3. Say it in different ways over and over and over again.
Example of a pain point:
“Entrepreneurs would like to post more useful things on social media but do not have time.”
Pain points:
  • Want to publish more
  • Lack the time
For the above pain points, how can we help these users? You need to write a few ideas:
  • Help users make it easier to create content
  • Create quick content template ideas
  • Write threads showing how to save time creating content
  • Generate a list of ideas to help them (hire a VA, use some software, etc.)
  • Write a list of tools
Once your angles are ready, you can craft compelling threads and get tons of inspiration on Tweet Hunter.
Just log in and take your angles into Tweet Hunter’s AI bot-—trained with millions of successful templates about copywriting tips, hooks, thread starters, etc. It’ll help you write compelling tweets faster.
Now, how much content do you need? It really depends on how much time you have.

Pro-tip: the Weekly Thread timesaver

You only need 5 to 30 minutes a week for this tip and don't need to think much about it.
It’s one of the fastest content I do every week for my social media accounts and the one with the best results: my Weekly Twitter Thread.
The idea is to put together a weekly thread with valuable resources (newsworthy or actionable things), that you can share with your audience on a weekly basis.
This is what it looks like:
notion image
And these are the results.
notion image
The threads above have gotten the best results for me regarding impressions and followers over time.
It looks too simple to be true. But the power behind it is incredible…. You should give it a try!
Building Relationships That Can Convert Into Leads
The more you interact with others, the more people will take you for a person and not a bot or someone who’s on the platform to extract value.
There are many ways to interact with others:
  • Dm’s
  • One-to-one interactions
  • Comments
  • Replies to other people’s tweets
Mix and match the above to make the most of it.
To Do: Set aside 20 minutes daily and interact with other people as you go. How?
Open Tweet Hunter’s CRM feature, like, comment and engage with others. It’s really simple!
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Convert your followers into leads that become clients

There are two ways to work this out:
  1. The “Raise Your Hand” method
  1. DM Your Followers

The “Raise Your Hand” method

This method means you post every now and then to let people know you’re open for business.
People can be shy and may not want to bug you or initiate a conversation, so raising your hand and letting others know they can get in touch is a good idea.
Something simple works.
“Remember me and my team can help you 10x your Search Traffic. Reach out if you need help; my DMs are open.”

DM your followers

Just send a private message to your recent followers. That’s it.
I can’t count how many times I’ve written this for my recent followers only to find out they are interested in my services.
If you have a video editing service for SaaS, and after posting a thread, a founder likes your tweet, starts following you, or comments on your 𝕏 post, then that’s the perfect time to engage with them.
You don’t need to sell them anything; say “Hi” and see where the first interactions take you.

That’s it! Ready to Convert Your Followers Into Clients?

The key to success on Twitter lies in building a personal brand, consistent content publishing addressing customer pain points, and genuine interactions.
I hope this structured approach will help you harness 𝕏’s potential for the growth of your business.
Now it’s your turn to put all these learnings into action.
Don’t forget to try Tweet Hunter for more free time while your content machine works for you.
Also, bookmark this article and return whenever you need some inspiration to get through the first weeks and months, which are more challenging.
Want to seamlessly turn your followers into clients? Start with Tweet Hunter, and let consistency drive your success.

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