8 Time-Saving Twitter Hacks

Are you struggling to balance Twitter with the rest of your responsibilities? With these 8 time-saving tips, you’ll learn how to use the platform more efficiently and make the most of your time.

8 Time-Saving Twitter Hacks
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Are you struggling to balance Twitter with the rest of your responsibilities? With these 8 time-saving tips, you’ll learn how to use the platform more efficiently and make the most of your time.
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8 Time-Saving Twitter Hacks
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The advice about building an audience you'll find on Twitter makes it seem so easy.
What they don't tell you about audience building is that most of the big personal brands you see on Twitter took months, if not years, to build.
Growing a Twitter following is definitely not easy. A lot of dedication and time goes into it.
This often means many hours every day.
You can, however, optimize that process to spend less time on it than necessary.
In today's blog post, we explore 8 Twitter tips that will help optimize that process and save time.
Let’s dive in!

#1 - Schedule your content

You can ask any top creator. You'll find that 99% of them batch their content creation and schedule it later.
This is because it helps optimize the content creation process.
Writing your content for the week, scheduling it, and "forgetting" about it is better than having the daily pressure of writing two tweets and a thread.
You will also be able to stay active on Twitter without constantly checking it.
Pro tip: Use Tweet Hunter to schedule your posts.
With Tweet Hunter’s post scheduler, you can:
  • Write, schedule, and publish all your posts
  • Preview your posts to see how they’ll appear when posted
  • Mention other users in your post
  • Automatically message users who interact with your post
One of the best features of Twitter (that most people are unaware of) is its advanced search.
Use Twitter's advanced search feature to narrow down your results if you're looking for a specific tweet or topic. If we focus only on content creation, advanced search is very useful for:
  • Research a specific topic
  • Find the top tweets from a specific user
  • Find out what a specific creator has said about a specific topic
If you want to master advanced search, you can start with the basics here and then check out our in-depth guide on how to use it for content creation.

#3 - Use Twitter Lists

Lists on Twitter are one of the most underrated features. Instead of checking the entire Twitter feed, create lists of accounts you want to keep an eye on.
Stay focused and avoid being distracted by irrelevant tweets by doing this.

#4 - Have a system

Twitter growth isn't a magic pill. A good piece of content, the kind that gets you likes and followers, takes time and effort to create. However, that doesn’t mean you need to spend four hours every day making it.
We’ve developed a 35-minute daily content creation framework, so time is no longer an excuse.
We all can spare 35 minutes in a day, right?

#5 - Use Twitter’s Mute feature

What you consume shapes what you produce.
Your feed has the power to influence your content, so you need to be very careful what you allow in.
Following only interesting people is the best way to do this. In case there are still topics you do not want to see in your feed, you can use the mute button.
For example, if you don't care about AI, you can mute the word "AI" and its derivatives, and they won't appear in your feed.

#6 - Use bookmarks

I get it. You lose 30 minutes on Twitter every time you log in because you start seeing interesting content. i am the same 😅
A way some people combat this is by bookmarking interesting content for later reading, then batching some "reading time" when they can.
Bookmarks are your best friend for saving time
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By doing this, you will be able to return to the tweet later on without having to search for it again. With Twitter Blue, you can even organize them into folders!

#7 - Use keyboard shortcuts

Did you know that Twitter has an entire range of keyboard shortcuts that make it even easier to navigate the platform?
Learn which Twitter actions you perform most often and learn the right shortcuts for those actions.
new Tweet
mute account
Block account
expand photo
send tweet
full keyboard menu
next Tweet
previous tweet
page down
Lead new tweets
These are the main shortcuts, but there are also navigation shortcuts to move to the different Twitter timelines.
g and h
Home Timeline
g and o
g and n
g and r
g and p
g and l
Likes tab
g and i
Lists tab
g and m
g and s
g and u
go to someone’s profile

#8 - Repurpose your content

The process of creating new content all the time is time-consuming and often leads to creative burnout.
It is easier to save time and look fresh and valuable by repurposing your own content
All creators, even the ones you admire, repurpose their own content.
The short of it:
  • Step 1: Find content worth repurposing
  • Step 2: Repurpose the content
    • Make it shorter
    • Make it longer
    • Change the tone
    • Change the format
    • Update your Point of View
    • Or simply copy-paste it
  • Step 3: Distribute the content
Content repurposing is an untapped opportunity. If you want to see it in detail, check our complete guide on it.

Don’t spend more time than you should on Twitter

By implementing these 8 tips, you'll be a Twitter pro in no time while still having time for the important things in life, like checking out cute cat videos on YouTube.
With these time-saving strategies, you can enjoy all the benefits of the platform without sacrificing your time. So give them a try, and let us know how much time you're able to save!

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