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. Being "Unoriginal" is - well, unoriginal :( The recent shifts and popularity of AI apps, such as ChatGPT just highlight/magnify the simple fact that a % of people aren't "original", and enable them/others to be unoriginal, faster/cheaper. AI's not the problem. >>> #SEO t.co/oq4G0r6LYh

1 day ago

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. :: To change a URL, or to not change a URL? :: Honestly, it's not much of a question. I'm shocked that "non-sensical" is not the first item listed! (/index.php?item=1343xf68aql) Don't think : "SEO Friendly URL" instead, think : "User Friendly URL" >>> #SEO #URL #301redirect t.co/gL76LONmcx

2 days ago

. :: Planning ahead is important! :: I honestly struggle to stay calm when I see this sort of thing - as it's old advice/tactics. Want some more/detailed tips? See the next tweet! >>> #SEO #OldContent t.co/yxnvBZ9nq2

3 days ago

. "Wittiest comment I've seen all week" award! And, for those wondering, it's a response about using the [link:] search operator - which doesn't actually work. If you want to see recent links... >>> #SEO t.co/QpoaEYJQm2

3 days ago

... but it may mean: 1) No one was monitoring the SERP for intent 2) No one was tracking stuff in GSC 3) No one was checking Engagement metrics in GA/Web trackers 4) No one was watching/reporting conversion trend decline In most cases, the #IntentShift is Not fast #SEO t.co/5CE2h9nSRe

5 days ago

. :: Are you Bi-lingual / Multi-lingual? :: If so - can you spare a few hours a month? I've got a community project that needs you! Please drop your details on this little form. t.co/IiChVP3tjh #SEO

7 days ago

. :: Google's Link Guide Changes :: So ... G made some updates/additions to their docs, and I'm seeing a few mentions of it ... ... and ... I'm not seeing any real reason for it? I don't think anything is "new" per-se? t.co/C2xSyzMwZ4 >>> #SEO #Links

about 1 month ago

. :: AI Content questions :: There's some solid thinking from @chrismoranuk in the linked to tweets, including a number of thoughtful and important questions. But I have some of my own... >>> #SEO #AI #GenerativeAI Via @badams t.co/F2HhJf0kKD

about 1 month ago

. :: Website migration issues :: Good list from @azarchick! Off the top of my head... 30? 1. Redirects no Rewrites 2. No redirects/Rewrites (dupes) 3. 302's not 301's (slower) 4. JS/Meta not server/script 5. Redirect chains >>> #SEO #Migrations t.co/r6DUsFlKeC

about 1 month ago

1/🧵 🚨:: Does Google use Bounce Back Rate? ::🚨 *sigh* It's not even 2 years since I last covered this! 🧵>>> #SEO #BounceRate #BounceBackRate #BounceBackToSERP t.co/ReMgT3uW6N

about 1 month ago