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Discovery Tools

Are you killing it with FB Ads? You'll want to know about Google Discovery Ads (EASY plug-in-play for your winning creatives) And guess what?! 3 NEW Discovery tools Google just released Let's break them down👇 [img:gif-iVRNiLJx6]

over 1 year ago

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Espoused Theory v Theory-in-Use This separates the so-called "market leaders" from the actual "marketers" Guru vs Expert One recites how a campaign or strategy should be One shows the actual application Start peeling back layers and you'll find more Gurus than Experts

over 1 year ago

What if you used Performance Max for 90% of your campaigns? This was an experiment I did a couple of months back it did AMAZING 7 figures in revenue in just over 130 days /a Google Ads thread/

over 1 year ago

do you think the future of advertising is automation? what if the future of advertising isn't in some AI or machine learning? perhaps...it's merging your team to be as efficient and as profitable as possible /a thread/

over 1 year ago

New Search Campaign Tools Unveiled •Google AI •New Customer Bidding Should you use them to gain an advantage over your competitors? /Google Ads Thread/ [img:u0cvk57U2]

over 1 year ago