What if you used Performance Max for 90% of your campaigns?

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about 1 year ago

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What if you used Performance Max for 90% of your campaigns? This was an experiment I did a couple of months back it did AMAZING 7 figures in revenue in just over 130 days /a Google Ads thread/

now let's be honest, I don't recommend most brands do what this thread is talking about this was during the heat of smart shopping to PMAX migrations, and the client & I thought, why not test PMAX to its fullest ability while most competitors are afraid? so...how bad was it?😨

don't be a negative nelly it had its ups and down... and quite a long creation process since I wanted to give Google as much firepower as possible (hint...you should too) but after the initial learning period (about 3-6 weeks, depending on the campaign we had) amazingπŸ”₯

the strategy of our PMAX attack: πŸ”˜ segment campaigns by collections (products had to be within a reasonable margin for Value bidding) πŸ”˜ start by using the full suite of PMAX (over time, some campaigns turned into "feed-only" but didn't want to restrict Google w/out data)

what did we learn from this PMAX strategy? πŸ”˜ if smart shopping performed well for certain collections and/or products, PMAX does a pretty good job too (may need to force Google to spend on the right products) πŸ”˜ report deep dives were crucial (esp landing pages)

cons of this strategy πŸ”˜ brand inclusion, we did have a brand search to help combat PMAX taking over branded searches, but still had about a 20-25% campaign revenue come from branded queries (but the sales cycle wasn't a 1:1 click to purchase so we didn't mind this in PMAX)

pros of this strategy πŸ”˜ very consistent performance after the initial 3-6 week learning period πŸ”˜ easy to scale +10-20% every 14-21 days πŸ”˜ simplified account structure made it easy to see where and what needed to be improved (product/collection wise)

overall thoughts on the PMAX Attack Experiment πŸ”˜ client was happy with the results πŸ”˜ we had the edge over competitors that were fighting the current πŸ”˜ happy to have been able to experiment and see what the limitations of PMAX were at the very beginning of public use

so...how is PMAX performing for your brand? drop your comments & questions below and let's discuss this mammoth of a campaign and the future of it's use

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