do you think the future of advertising is automation?

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about 1 year ago

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do you think the future of advertising is automation? what if the future of advertising isn't in some AI or machine learning?'s merging your team to be as efficient and as profitable as possible /a thread/

Google's end goal of complete account automation is nothing new If they're able to have: 1. business create an account 2. add a credit card 3. get results for that business a MASSIVE amount of revenue & power will be theirs so how can you master automation?

The Art of Automation Mastery comes downs to 2 distinct roles in the marketing suite 1. Strategist 2. Specialist in the past, businesses have gotten away with having 2 distinct roles a master & a button pusher this is the old way & businesses will die if they can't evolve

now in the present and most certainly in the future, you need to blend the roles of Strategy & Specialist together Merging these 2 roles will have profound effects on your bottom line in 2 key areas 1. Not overspend on your team 2. Improved performance for your bottom line

It's a limiting belief thinking the "button pusher" in the account isn't smart enough actually to LEAD the account they're working in every day Countless hours are wasted every week when the specialist needs to communicate to your strategist of what's working and not

all to have the strategist (once informed) make a decision that the specialist could've made hours to days ago since they're IN the account the future of advertising is knocking at your door are you as efficient as you think? or will you be left behind?

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