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December 2018. “Long Bitcoin, Short the bankers.” t.co/lquBPrlqv6

about 11 hours ago

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It is being reported that OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been blocked in Italy.

about 18 hours ago

It is inspiring to hear @zebulgar talk about Varda's plans for space manufacturing. We discuss why this is important, what happened to make this possible, what he has learned from Thiel & @rabois, and much more. Enjoy! t.co/SsOEHxKjV4

1 day ago

Stop complaining. Start competing. We must win in the free market, rather than rely on banning technology by the government. Here is my appearance on Fox Business today with @cvpayne discussing TikTok, Bitcoin, and the banking crisis. t.co/7DwuF9GPWf

2 days ago

TikTok became dominant in the US because no American company was able to build a better product. In the free market, US companies struggled to win so now the government is trying to ban the app due to geopolitical concerns. This should be a wake up call to the American… t.co/vaozX5RAiu

3 days ago

The current situation summed up in a headline and an image. t.co/LVEmKcHh6h

8 days ago

The Federal Reserve just announced they are hiking interest rates 0.25% Two of the largest bank failures in history has not stopped the rate hiking.

9 days ago

Over 110 banks wrote a letter to the FDIC asking them to extend deposit insurance to ALL DEPOSITS for the next 2 years. These types of requests probably accelerate bank runs unfortunately. If the banks’ request is honored then inflation will accelerate much higher.

13 days ago

The official name for a group of black swans is "a bank." You literally couldn't make this up. t.co/jovJrcW4lT

13 days ago

Bitcoin and related technologies have the potential to drastically increase economic growth. The United States badly needs these new products and services to strengthen our economic position. t.co/6cIJwJNF7z

14 days ago