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Tomorrow morning I am publishing my notes from the book I read this past week. These book notes have become quite popular so I will continue to do them each Monday. Subscribe here to read: t.co/29uk453LoP

26 days ago

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This is how you know your wife thinks you are dumb when going to the grocery store t.co/vy2Xyqp6ny

27 days ago

The highest probability path to becoming a millionaire is not starting your own company, but rather joining a fast growing one that is already working.

about 1 month ago

Founders who were in it for the money, and not the mission, are starting to quit.

about 1 month ago

New episode with @Benaskren is live. - Pursuing Olympic excellence - Rise of the UFC - Steroid use in sports - Wrestling & disc golf - Fighting Jake Paul - Writing a book during pandemic WATCH: t.co/aOozB5uBLK t.co/NOCwyyzCn6

about 1 month ago

LMAX Digital is an absolute beast. Year-to-date they have done: - $161 billion trading volume - 35 million trades - 5+ million total BTC equivalent traded - Active institutional clients up 12% YoY They just keep growing at an insane pace.

about 1 month ago