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The adult industry pioneers new technology. This is true of the internet, live-streaming, bitcoin, & more. Here is my conversation with four of the leading stars on their businesses & investments. @brandi_love @thereallisaann @fallinlovia & Damon Dice

Another fun fact is that @brandi_love is the great granddaughter of Wall Street legend Jesse Livermore

It is not lost on me that many people are close minded & will yell or scream without even watching the conversation. I believe you can learn from anyone. And I believe bitcoin, a tool used by adult industry long before most “bitcoiners” today, advocates for less censorship.

Many conference attendees gave us feedback that this was the most informative & valuable session of the day. Other speakers told me on stage they actually analyze the adult industry to find new tech trends. Watch the whole thing & then let me know what you think

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