Effective strategies for Handling Twitter Trolls

Protect your Twitter profile from trolls. Learn how to spot and effectively deal with negative attention. Keep your account safe and healthy

Effective strategies for Handling Twitter Trolls
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Protect your Twitter profile from trolls. Learn how to spot and effectively deal with negative attention. Keep your account safe and healthy.
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Effective strategies for Handling Twitter Trolls
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Twitter trolls can be pests, trying to push your buttons and causing trouble. You can’t let them egg you on to get into arguments.
Entertaining them always ends negatively, and you don’t want that kind of attention on the platform. Here’s how to spot them and deal with them effectively.
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What are Twitter Trolls and How to Spot Them

A Twitter troll is someone who purposely tries to instigate arguments, conflicts, and hostility on the platform.
If you feel like you are attracting negative comments on your tweets frequently, here’s how to determine whether you are dealing with Twitter trolls.
  • Pause and reflect. Does reading those comments raises your hackles immediately?
  • Take a look at the Twitter bio of the account in question. Does it read as if it belongs to a genuine person?
  • Read through some of their tweets. Is their timeline filled with unpleasant tweets?
If you answered yes to most of these questions, you are dealing with a troll.
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Impassioned debates are not rare on Twitter, and in most cases, they are positive. It is important to understand that there are many diverse communities on Twitter, and they all have different views. Having differing views is normal, but a Twitter troll will try to create a polarity between these different views.

Tips to Deal with Trolls on Twitter

If you’ve been on Twitter long enough, chances are you’ve been dragged into an argument at some point in time. The question is, how to deal with trolls on Twitter, so you’re not wasting your valuable time on something unproductive. Fortunately, we have the right resources to help.
Here are some of our top tips:

Don’t be Afraid of Them

You can’t let fear overtake your conversations on Twitter. It is an excellent platform for business, and you can’t let a few Twitter trolls ruin your chances of engaging with your audience.
If you’re dealing with a lengthy rant, either ignore it or move on. Continue engaging with genuine responses. If a person continues to attack you, you have the right to end the conversation at any time you want.

Don’t be an Easy Target

In some cases, it's just better to avoid negativity. Don’t make it easy for trolls to target you on Twitter. Here are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Don’t post a tweet that just invites conflicts.
  • Don’t try to gain attention by being too brash.
  • Be aware of current world events before you tweet.
  • Be sensitive to other cultures and religions.
Learn how to write great tweets that get positive attention, not negative.
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Have a Plan in Place for Dealing with Trolls

At this time and place, it is crucial to have a thought-out plan in place for addressing the situation effectively. Here’s how to do that:
Take more time during content creation to ensure each tweet is politically, socially, and culturally appropriate before you post it.
Plan for what kind of tweets you will ignore, which ones you’ll respond to politely, and which ones you’ll report.
Have a plan in place for how you’ll maintain records and screenshots of threatening interactions if you need to involve authorities.

Don’t Sink to Their Levels

The main goal of Twitter trolls is to trigger you and get under your skin. They are bullies. Don’t give them the pleasure of fulfilling their goals.
Take a deep breath, and avoid reacting to their tweets without thinking. If you sink to their level, you’ll be viewed in the same light as them, so it's best to move on from such situations.
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Engaging with trolls is one of the top mistakes killing your Twitter growth.

Starve the Trolls

Trolls thrive on your annoyance, frustration, and anger, so don’t feed them by waging war with your keyboard.
They don’t act on fact or logic, so it's best to tire them out by starving them of attention or reaction. This is the easiest and quickest way to make them move on to something else.

Keep a Record

If you are frequently abused by the same individual on Twitter, you should keep a record of every interaction with them. It’s also not unusual to receive threats or harassment messages on Twitter.
Take screenshots of all your conversations so you can report them.

Know When to Take a Break

You can’t always control the behavior of Twitter trolls. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed and easily triggered, it's best to take a break. Your mental health comes first.
Log off for a while so you can cool down and think rationally. Your Twitter account will still be there later, and you’ll be in a better frame of mind to address the situation.

Be Patient

If you’re getting attacked by Twitter trolls frequently, don’t let your emotions rule your judgment. Let them stew for a while and continue their rant. Even the most persistent ones give up, so it's best to just be patient and not add fuel to the fire.
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