Mastering B2B Social Selling on Twitter
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Unlock the potential of Twitter for B2B social selling. Learn effective strategies and tips to maximize influence, build trust, and sell more on Twitter.
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How to Sell More on Twitter: B2B Social Selling Explained
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Social selling is a process where you find interested prospects and connect with them on social media. Instead of cold-calling, B2B social selling promotes trust and helps build relationships to influence the purchasing decisions of prospects.
People are influenced by what they are exposed to on social media. They are more likely to make a purchase when a product or service is promoted by someone they trust and follow on Twitter. If you interact with those people regularly, you’ll be able to continue growing your influence.
Social selling leaders and marketers are 51% more likely to reach sales quotas. In this post, we’ll discuss what social selling is, why Twitter is a good platform for it, and tips to help you succeed with it on Twitter.
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What is Social Selling?

Social selling refers to connecting with your prospects on social media channels like Twitter, engaging with them, and developing a relationship with them. This process can help you sell more and build trust with your prospects.
B2B social selling is all about building relationships. Being active on Twitter can help you stay on the top of the mind of your prospects, so they’ll think of you when they are ready to purchase. It has the potential to replace cold calling and other traditional sales strategies.

Why Twitter Works for B2B Social Selling

Why bother with Twitter instead of focusing on Instagram or LinkedIn? Each social media platform has its own purpose. Twitter has true staying power and has traditionally been a place where people can directly engage with brands.
89% of shoppers say they use Twitter to discover new products and services. 76% of people say they purchased something because of conversations they had on the platform.
The takeaway here is that Twitter users are primed and willing to interact with personal brands and businesses on the platform. The learning curve on the platform is relatively easy, and the platform is incredibly accessible. All this goes to show that Twitter should be a part of your social selling strategy.

8 Tips to Succeed with Social Selling on Twitter

Whether you’re fairly new to the concept of social selling or have been doing it for a while, these B2B social selling tips will help you implement this strategy successfully, specifically on Twitter.

1. Start Conversations, Don’t Sell

One of the biggest problems your prospects have with founders and businesses is that they focus just on selling their products and services. On Twitter, people want to buy from real people, not pushy sales reps.
Don’t be pushy. Focus on starting conversations and asking questions. The sales will follow.

2. Engage Before You Tweet

Engaging with your prospects on Twitter should be a big part of your B2B social selling strategy. Ideally, you should spend the same amount of time on engagement that you do on creating and posting content. Start with this realistic social media workflow for Twitter.
When you engage with your prospects, they’ll be more likely to engage with your tweets. This is the perfect social selling strategy. To make things easier and faster, use the Engage features on Tweet Hunter to boost your Twitter engagement rates.
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Tweet Hunter allows you to create contact lists so you can easily find and engage with recent tweets from within the platform.

3. Talk About Yourself, Not Your Product

If you’re always posting tweets about your products and services, take a break to focus on personal storytelling. Share your story, talk about your learnings, the setbacks you faced, and anything that you think your prospects will be interested in.
If people connect with you and find you interesting, they’ll be more likely to check out your products and services.
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4. Monitor Your Mentions

Keep an eye on your mentions to see what people are saying about you or your brand. This is a great starting point for B2B social selling. Someone may tag you on Twitter if they have questions about your company, product, or service. They may have concerns, sales objections, or feedback.
The beauty of Twitter is that it’s a goldmine for spotting marketing opportunities. If you want feedback straight from your prospects and customers, Twitter is a goldmine.
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5. Learn How to Spot Opportunities

Your ability to spot opportunities will determine your success with social selling on Twitter. Other than monitoring your mentions and social listening to uncover leads, there’s much more you can do.
Monitor specific keywords relevant to your niche as well as competitor mentions. In many cases, prospects who are on the fence will ask for recommendations between two brands on Twitter.
Also, keep an eye on phrases specific to your industry. Tap into conversations that mention specific industry phrases and keywords to spot prospects that are in the contemplation stage and start conversations with them.
In all of these instances, you want to come across as someone who is just answering questions and trying to help. Don’t use these opportunities to hard sell. Simply answer questions and nurture relationships.

6. Perfect Your Pitch

You can’t just post a sales pitch on Twitter and walk away. When you are posting content or engaging with your audience, you need to have a friendly voice and ensure you address their questions.
Show your human side and focus on personalization to win over your prospects. Your sales pitch shouldn’t be one-sided. Twitter users will appreciate your willingness to answer questions and assist.

7. Make Touchpoints Regularly with Prospects

Every action on Twitter, such as likes, comments, and retweets, take seconds but can represent a valuable touchpoint that can help you stay on top of someone’s mind. Twitter is one of the easiest and most straightforward platforms to make touchpoints.
Your prospects may not be ready to buy when you first get in touch with them. You’ll need to make several touchpoints to nurture them.

8. Move Conversations Off Twitter

While Twitter is an excellent B2B social selling platform, once you discover prospects and nurture them, your end game should be moving conversations off of Twitter and to your business’s website.
Post small nudges from time to time, directing prospects to your newsletters or email list where they can engage with your business. Social conversations are incredibly valuable, but you really should focus on turning those connections into actual, paying customers when the time is right.
Once you start nurturing leads, add them to your contact list on Tweet Hunter’s CRM, where you can create a complete profile of your prospects. Add relevant details and notes for each prospect about your conversations so you always have the information you need on hand.
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With CRM tools like Contact Lists and Engage, and with the ability to send auto DMs, Tweet Hunter can help you get exceptional results from B2B social selling.

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