Twitter Growth in 30 Minutes: A Proven Framework for Success

Do you procrastinate your X growth because of "lack of time"? Not anymore after reading this post.

Twitter Growth in 30 Minutes: A Proven Framework for Success
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Do you procrastinate your X growth because of "lack of time"? Not anymore after reading this post.
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Twitter Growth in 30 Minutes: A Proven Framework for Success
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“I want to build an audience but I don’t have the time” is one of the most common excuses to not being consistent on X.
Most of us tell ourselves that lie to keep procrastinating.
What if I told you you can grow your audience on X by only investing 30 minutes a day?
In today’s post, we’ll share our framework to do exactly that. We did a similar post about one year ago, but since then, the platform has changed a lot. This post is v2, updated for 2023.
Let’s jump into how you can grow your X audience in just 30 minutes a day.

What is the 30-minute X growth framework?

X growth has 3 fundamentals, which are:
  • Your content
  • Your engagement strategy
  • Your profile
For today’s post, we’ll focus on the content and the engagement. As we said, we have 30 minutes, so how will you be spending those minutes?
  • 10 minutes for content creation
  • 20 minutes for engagement
Let’s see it in detail.

How to execute the 30-minute X growth framework

10 minutes for content creation

10 minutes a day should be enough for you to write at least 1-2 tweets, or one short thread.
Since writing can take more time if you are not much experienced with it, we compiled our top 6 writing tips here so you can speed up the process.
X is a game of showing up every day. But as important as showing up is, it’s even more important how you show up.
Focus on posts that add more credibility and trust to your niche and area of expertise.
Some types of content you should be creating:
  • Teach and How-to’s
  • Engagement posts
  • Sharing your personal story and experiences
To learn more about those and see 6 more types of posts to get more followers, visit our in-depth guide.

20 minutes (10+10) for engagement

Don't forget that X is a social platform, not a broadcast platform. This means it’s a two-way street. From poster to replier, and vice versa, conversation flows both ways.
In the recent algorithm change, X has prioritized engagement even more, especially replies. That means that they need to be an integral part of our 30-min framework.
For that, we are going to focus on two types of engagement:
→Top player engagement (10 minutes)
The purpose of this type of engagement is to expose yourself to a larger audience.
The goal should be to leave at least five quality replies under top accounts in your niche in these 10 minutes. By doing that, you’ll do three things:
  • Get exposed to that top account’s audience
  • Start building credibility in your niche (people will see you often)
  • Start building a relationship with the top account
To be even more effective with this tactic, we encourage you to build a Snipe List and use Tweet hunter’s CRM and Engage function.
→Peer engagement (10 minutes)
The goal of this type of engagement is to build relationships with other creators.
In the long run, this is the most valuable type of engagement. Relationships are the key to the X game. Our goal with these 10 minutes should be to:
  • Leave 5-10 replies to your peers
  • Send 1 DM per day to someone on that network
What are the reasons for leaving more comments during these 10 minutes than the 10 before? The "top player engagement" replies need to be of higher quality. Think about those as exposing your thoughts in front of a classroom.
Meanwhile, the replies you leave during the peer engagement time are more like the friendly conversations you have with classmates. Natural and less engineered.
About the DM, just be genuinely interested on who you are reaching out to. Here are a few pointers, just in case.

Results of the 30-minute X growth framework

If you are consistent at applying the framework, after one month, at the minimum, these will be the results:
  • 30 pieces of content
  • 30 DMs sent (aka 30 new relationships)
  • At least 300 replies under other people’s posts
This is just one month, imagine doing it continuously for a year. That’s how you build on X and get the algorithm’s favor.
It doesn't mean all of these interactions will be useful for growing your business and audience. It's just how the game is played. Consistency and patience are also crucial.
We hope this short guide was helpful to you! The time everyone has to dedicate to X may differ. Sometimes life gets in the way. However, if you spend 30 minutes every day doing what we suggest here, you'll see results very soon.
For the rest, leave it to us 👇

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