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I was talking to some people familiar with Russia and the war in Ukraine, and they pointed out something I hadn't considered. Putin couldn't pull out even if he wanted to, because it would make him look so weak at home that he'd probably be ousted in a coup.

18 days ago

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Amusing pattern I've noticed among great portraitists: they often paint their subjects to look like themselves. Allan Ramsay, who had an underbite, often gives his sitters one. t.co/sqFzUXLqUH

19 days ago

10 yo is preparing for a standardized test. He got a big encyclopedia of science from the school library that he reads during breaks. With great reluctance I had to tell him that science is not "on the test" and he should read dumb test-prep guides instead.

20 days ago

This ranking of universities looks roughly correct. The big mistake in the article is the claim that the higher ranked universities are better at "producing" founders. t.co/mad4l20LMV

27 days ago

This bold midcentury abstract expressionist painting t.co/6F87ofEWux

29 days ago

The easiest people to trick are those who want to believe something false.

29 days ago

When people say that technology can't help prevent climate change, it's either a profession of faith or a prediction about the future of technology. And since no one can predict the future of technology, it's basically always a profession of faith.

about 1 month ago

This may not be the most important problem facing Twitter, but it will be an early, visible test of Elon's effectiveness. Can he stop the crypto spammers? t.co/uwa0YQXPMt

about 1 month ago

A selection process will be unbiased only if (a) the later performance of those selected is measured and (b) the selectors are judged according to this.

about 1 month ago

Worth reading for anyone interested in big historic trends. Best case we end up with China plus its raw materials suppliers vs the rest of the world. In which case I'd definitely bet on the rest of the world. t.co/emoTcW22aq

about 1 month ago