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For founders who ask "are we too early to apply to YC?" here are the actual numbers. 77% of the current batch had no revenue yet when they were accepted. 52% had nothing more than an idea. t.co/WfwgAlG8lp

2 months ago

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It's well known that as companies become more bureaucratic, it gets harder to ship new software. I wonder if you could use this relationship in the other direction: if you had a culture of constantly shipping new stuff, would that prevent you from becoming bureaucratic?

2 months ago

How should schools teach writing now that AI can do it? Should they allow AI or ban it? They should do both. They should have classes where students use AI. But they should also have classes where students learn to write without using AI at all.

2 months ago

If you're an ambitious engineering student and you're wondering what to work on to advance your career, you're asking the wrong question. Work on whatever you're most excited about; if you're ambitious, your excitement will outweigh the hotness of the field you choose.

2 months ago

If investors are wondering how to deal with all the change that's been happening in AI, the answer is to do what you should normally do: bet on founders.

2 months ago

10 yo asked me to read a draft of his latest story. Me: The teacher is called Mr. Masnapos? Where did you get that? 10 yo: It's Hungarian for hung over.

2 months ago

Stanford Law School Dean Jenny Martinez draws an eloquent line in the sand. t.co/ILMm24JGYV

2 months ago

An actor friend explained why he didn't want his kids to become actors. Not just because it's financially precarious, but because the nature of the business means you're constantly being rejected.

2 months ago

The Collisons are playing the long game. That's one of their secret weapons.

2 months ago

Jessica: What's new? Me: OpenAI just released a new version that's much better. And people hadn't even stopped talking about the previous version yet. Jessica: Are you scared about AI? Me: A little. At the very least, it's going to change everything.

3 months ago