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10 days ago

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Jessica: What's new? Me: OpenAI just released a new version that's much better. And people hadn't even stopped talking about the previous version yet. Jessica: Are you scared about AI? Me: A little. At the very least, it's going to change everything.

One of my tests of the magnitude of a change is: How does it change what advice I'd give my kids? And when I try to answer that question, it's scary how little I can predict. The best I can do is tell them to surf this wave rather than be crushed by it.

One possible qualitative change: The rate of change in AI could be too fast for governments to react to. Usually they wait till the last moment to deal with a problem. With AI, I can easily imagine them acting at what they think is the last moment, when in fact it has passed.

AI vs EU, for example. Who wins? I can imagine them acting quickly to create regulations that shoot themselves in the foot, and I can imagine them getting the right answer, but too late. But it's hard to imagine them getting things right quickly.

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