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When you're doing a deal with a large organization, find out if the people you're negotiating with actually have final say. Usually they don't, and that means the deal you've agreed upon can be, and often is, killed at the last minute by higher ups.

10 days ago

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Jessica and Carolynn Levy have just launched a new podcast called The Social Radars. You get to be a fly on the wall as they talk to successful startup founders. It's really interesting. I've already learned a bunch of stuff I didn't know. t.co/4mmNOWyTAO

12 days ago

Since 10 yo's current career plans are field biology and fiction, on the drive to school I suggested he try combining them by inventing some fictional creatures. Agreeing that nothing could be more logical, he immediately set to work.

13 days ago

The first step to starting a startup has nothing to do with "entrepreneurship." It's to develop deep technical expertise of some sort, so that you look at the world with informed eyes.

13 days ago

Changes in the colors of objects since 1800, from pictures of 7000 objects in the collections of UK science museums. t.co/DvVQrw3pcw

16 days ago

I was talking to some people familiar with Russia and the war in Ukraine, and they pointed out something I hadn't considered. Putin couldn't pull out even if he wanted to, because it would make him look so weak at home that he'd probably be ousted in a coup.

5 months ago

Amusing pattern I've noticed among great portraitists: they often paint their subjects to look like themselves. Allan Ramsay, who had an underbite, often gives his sitters one. t.co/sqFzUXLqUH

5 months ago

10 yo is preparing for a standardized test. He got a big encyclopedia of science from the school library that he reads during breaks. With great reluctance I had to tell him that science is not "on the test" and he should read dumb test-prep guides instead.

5 months ago

This ranking of universities looks roughly correct. The big mistake in the article is the claim that the higher ranked universities are better at "producing" founders. t.co/mad4l20LMV

5 months ago

This bold midcentury abstract expressionist painting t.co/6F87ofEWux

5 months ago