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Rob ( @robjaykeim ) lost 21.4 pounds inside Default Kings. WE LOVE TO SEE IT. t.co/1WkGSqhJO3

1 day ago

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Did you know "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" was just a marketing campaign by cereal companies?

2 days ago

You will lose 20+ pounds guaranteed if you do this: 1. Walk 10k steps/day 2. Lift weights 4x/week 3. Drink black coffee to suppress appetite 4. Eat 0.8g/protein per lb of target bodyweight 5. Kill the "I'm a fat piece of sh*t" identity And of course, get in a calorie deficit.

3 days ago

Cole lost 31.6 pounds inside Default Kings. And he told me "It honestly felt very easy too, very very sustainable and the weight is shredding off. Everyone in my life is noticing big change in my physique." t.co/FELRUglAJI

3 days ago

Vinny ( @WithVinny1 ) went from 245lbs to his lowest weight since college. He recently sent this inside Default Kings: HALF IRON MAN in 2 months. LET'S GO. t.co/argaGPqrzf

4 days ago

Your mom lied to you. Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day. And here's 7 other pieces of health advice your mom probably lied about: 1. Veggies do not make you "big & strong". They contain very little protein which is the building block of muscle.

4 days ago

Jack (@Serques1 ) went from 323.4 to 239.58 pounds in 6 months. 83.82 pounds lost. t.co/Uay4yKlHwl

5 days ago

Why eat raw liver? When I can just eat steak. t.co/UZRQiL3azS

6 days ago

Obsessing over politics makes 1000x less impact than becoming the best version of yourself and impacting the people you love.

6 days ago

Nathan shredded 23 pounds of fat while building muscle. - It only took 4 workouts per week - He gets to enjoy ice cream - And doing minimal cardio Default. King. t.co/IXi4JT7e3W

6 days ago