Optimize Your Strategy: 5 Ways to Leverage Twitter Topics as a Marketer

Find relevant content on Twitter with ease using Twitter Topics. Grow your following and reach your ideal customers. Get tips in our guide.

Optimize Your Strategy: 5 Ways to Leverage Twitter Topics as a Marketer
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Find relevant content on Twitter with ease using Twitter Topics. Grow your following and reach your ideal customers. Get tips in our guide.
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Optimize Your Strategy: 5 Ways to Leverage Twitter Topics as a Marketer
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With as many as half a billion tweets published daily on Twitter, sifting through it and finding relevant content in your niche is challenging. Twitter Topics makes this process easier. As a marketer, using Twitter Topics can help you find relevant conversations and focus on audiences that fit your ideal customer profile.
In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to follow topics and leverage them to grow your following on Twitter.
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What are Twitter Topics?

Twitter Topics is a setting on Twitter that allows you to follow topics you are interested in. When you follow a topic on Twitter, more tweets and news related to that topic will show up in your timeline.
With this feature, you can follow not just topics but also relevant people in that niche who tweet about that topic often.

How to Follow Topics on Twitter?

Based on your activity and tweets, Twitter will often suggest you several topics to follow. If you are interested, you can click “Follow” to see more related tweets.
Here’s how to follow specific topics on Twitter:
Click “More” on your feed and then “Topics”
Click “Suggested” to access a list of suggested topics
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Browse through the different categories to find topics that interest you
Click the “Plus” sign next to the topic to follow it
You can also use the search bar on Twitter to search for topics
To unfollow a topic, head over to your Topics Page to access your followed topics and click “Unfollow”
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5 Ways to Leverage Twitter Topics as a Marketer

Twitter Topics can help you grow your Twitter account in multiple ways when done correctly. Here are 5 ways you can use this feature as a marketer.

1. Follow Relevant Topics to Stay Updated

Follow topics in your niche so you can stay on top of things that can impact your business and your customers.
Stay updated about the habits, pain points, likes, and dislikes of your audience. This will help you deliver better content and solutions.
Knowing what is new and trending in your niche will also help you stay a step ahead of the competition and talk about things that are currently buzzworthy, and take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

2. Find Thought Leaders and Influencers

Use Twitter Topics to find thought leaders and influencers in your industry that discuss ideas and insights about your niche.
You’ll notice people who frequently share similar content when you follow relevant topics. Head over to their profile to get a better look at the content they are sharing. This will provide you insights into how to optimize your own content.
Another benefit of doing this is that it will provide you with the opportunity to network with industry leaders so you can gain more visibility and establish yourself as a thought leader.
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3. Be a Part of the Conversation

Twitter is not just about broadcasting but about interactions. Discover the hottest conversations in your niche through Twitter Topics and then join them. Proactively engaging with the content other people post is an important marketing strategy, and Twitter Topics can simplify that process for you.
Set aside a little time each day to quickly check the top posts on the topics you follow. Drop in comments and share posts that you think your audience will find valuable.

4. Create Buzzworthy Content

Keep a tab on trending topics to see if you can post content that aligns with those trends. Your post may attract a lot of attention. Leverage this to respond, ask questions, and deliver value to your audience.
If there’s a common pain point often discussed by users of a Topic, see if your product or service can provide a solution. Draw the attention of your audience by discussing that pain point and how you can help solve it.
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5. Ensure the Topic is Relevant to your Niche

Before jumping in and joining a trending topic, consider whether it is relevant to your business. While your tweet may attract a lot of attention, it may not actually help you in the end.
If you use a trending topic, ensure that your message is not too heavily promotional, or you’ll lose followers immediately. Learn to write tweets that get your name out there and get some visibility but do not push your message too aggressively.
Over time, you’ll get a feel for what works and doesn’t with Twitter Topics. Until then, you can use analytics tools to understand better how much engagement your content generates.
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